Cosmo interviews Tom Felton and says: Draco Malfoy becomes a MAN

Thanks to Haley2323, we have this great new interview from Cosmopolitan. In it, Tom talks about girls in general (and also girlfriend Jade), pick-up lines and making love last.

He also includes a cute little note to Cosmo about women:

To Cosmo,

The thing that I will never understand about women is… shoes! The more they cost and the more uncomfy they are, the more desirable they seem to be to women! Madness.


Tom Felton

Draco Malfoy becomes a MAN

Believe it or not, there’s a new crush in town. Who knew Harry Potter bad boy Tom Felton was so flirty we’d even overlook a broomstick-based chat-up line?

Cosmo: What do you look for in a woman?

Tom Felton: I love good-natured people. It doesn’t matter how good-looking you are, it’s about someone who doesn’t get bitter. And sexy means effortless. That girl-next-door thing, where you’re wearing PJs, with no makeup on and hair all over the show. And then under that, Megan Fox! It goes from deep and poignant to incredibly shallow.

Cosmo: How did you and your girlfriend meet?

Tom Felton: Jade’s the stunt coordinator’s assistant on Harry Potter. She’s sweet and a fragile girl amongst these huge men, which is bizarre. She bosses them around – she’s demanding but in a sweet way. I like that.”

Cosmo: What’s your secret to making love last?

Tom Felton: It takes effort – especially when you’re apart. But the most important thing is loyalty. And a clear mind. There have been times where I’ve been in a situation, like I just went to Vegas for my 22nd birthday with five mates and my brother. There were dancers and ladies galore trying to get into this VIP area we were in and my friends were going, “Bring ’em in!” I was like, “Er, not for me!” But, those moments make you realise you’re lucky to have someone you can rely on.

Cosmo: Does having Jade make it easy to resist temptation?

Tom Felton: It does. I think every red-blooded male is going to look at a half-naked lady dancing on a pole, but looking is as far as I’d go. The regret would be worse than the pleasure of doing anything, and I’d never hurt her. Not out of choice, anyway.

Cosmo: Do you think love at first sight is just lust in disguise?

Tom Felton: The Slytherin boys and I used to play a game called Fit Extras. Then one day there was a stunning brunette with bright eyes who was looking at us. I didn’t do anything about it but it was, in fact, Jade. She was an extra for one day, then for two years we didn’t speak. That moment was more lust than love but it grew into love, so I’d say there’s a thin line between the two.

Cosmo: Ever had any disastrous dates?

Tom Felton: Several. My dating tip for girls is to be yourself. Too many women worry about looking like girls in magazines, but most guys don’t notice. Jade could cut her hair six inches and I wouldn’t notice. We don’t see these things, we just see how bubbly you are.”

Cosmo: Do you have any chat-up lines?

Tom Felton: Want to hop on my broomstick, love?

Cosmo: That’s terrible.

Tom Felton: I know. I’m going to stop with the Potter ones before I mention my wand.

Cosmo: Ever had a good line used on you?

Tom Felton: Yes, it made me laugh so much I was tempted. She texted, “Hi Tom, I know you’re in bed, I wish I could Slyther-in.” Very good.

Cosmo: Do you ever get hate mail?

Tom Felton: I get letter saying, “Leave Harry Potter alone, you bastard.” There’s quite an old-lady following too. I’m popular with cougars.”

Age: 22
Romantic History: Tom’s happily in love with Jade Olivia – who has a cameo role as Draco’s wife in the final Harry Potter film.
What you won’t find on his CV: His guilty pleasure is Jersey Shore, even though Jwoww “scares the shit” out of him.
Why we love him anyway: Despite his serious – and brilliant – mean streak in Harry Potter, in real life he’s a softie. “I’m romatic,” he says. “I write songs about Jade.”
Catch him next: Can’t wait till November for your Harry Potter fix? Go to Harry Potter’s Wizarding World theme park in Orlando!

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27 thoughts on “Cosmo interviews Tom Felton and says: Draco Malfoy becomes a MAN

  1. which version of cosmopolitan is it??
    if it’s the UK one, i’ll snap it up quick
    if it’s the US one, i’ll go to WHSmiths & buy it

    • I’m pretty sure it’s in the UK one. 🙁 I only know because I just flipped through my Cosmo that I haven’t looked at yet just to find that he wasn’t in there. Quite a disappointment.

  2. ” There’s quite an old-lady following too. ‘I’m popular with cougars.’”

    LOL, have been found out 😉

    Terrific interview will have to look for it in the newstands.

  3. Okay, exactly what makes you a cougar? I mean at what age are you considered one? I’m so behind, I’m still trying to figure out if being called a milf was a good thing or bad thing.

    • Cougars are women in their 40s who date guys in their 20s. And being a MILF is considered a good thing. It means that you are a good-looking mother who is attractive enough to attract men of various ages.

  4. I am not sure being called a cougar is a good thing, those usually are women age 30 and up who date younger guys. Overall, it is often used to be offensive and derogatory. Does anyone remember Tom’s previous comments about practicing for the Epilogue, looking old and walking without the spring in your step, something like that? I feel that this old-lady/cougar comment is rather insensitive 🙁

    • I think it depends on who is using the term and how they use it. Some women proudly call themselves Cougars or Jaguars (women in their 50s) and love the fact that they are dating younger guys, especially if the younger guys are the ones who approach them first.

      I don’t think Tom was trying to be disrespectful, seeing that he himself has had celebrity crushes on women in their 30s/40s, but I understand that you feel somewhat slighted. Plus, as for the Epilogue stuff, I think he has forgotten that Lucius is in his 30s, almost 40s, and he looked FAR from old (and still quite sexy.)

  5. Yep It’s in the uk issue of cosmopolitan, just brought it from the shops , cougars make me think of Courtney cox arquette ( that lady who played Monica from friends) & the pics & the interview are funny :D, I think Tom is adorable & I’m starting to think jade is a beautiful girl who seems to make the right match with Tom, she seems to look more comfortable when with Tom in the cameras rather than stiff & nervous whilst tom looks happy & confident 😀

  6. Hello, girls, I’m back!

    All right, Thomas. I’ve already taken note than indeed Jade was demanding a while back, but has somehow chosen to tone it down a little bit, which is the wise thing to do. For someone becoming too demanding may quickly become a burden, let it be one’s companion or otherwise. I’ve been there.

    Yes, efforts have to be make when it comes to make anything last, not only love, but friendship as well. If no efforts are performed on eiher side, the whole matter may be considered as dead from the start. And yes, I agree with you regading loyalty. I’ m loyal also. When I give my heart,it’s wholly, and expect the same answer from the other person(friend or more).

    However, although I’ve no doubt you’d never do anything to hurt Jade, we all have the choice to hurt or not somebody else, precisely out of choice, Honey.

    Yes, there’s a thin line between love and lust, and often, the greatest loves stories started like yours did. They lasted because they reposed on esteem, not physical attraction. May it be the same for you.

    Yes, Thomas, be oneself is the perfect remedy. You’ve got everything all right.

    With Love,


  7. Haha i love that Slyther-in line! im SOO FREAKIN JEALOUS OF HIS HANDWRIGHTIN!!!!!! i wish mine looked like that!! haha 1 similaritiy is that that Draco is ment to be al snoby and that means fashionably cool handwrightin and Tom has that down to the T !!!!!!

  8. Oh my goodness… you like his handwriting? I can’t hardly read it and it seems overly flamboyant. I mean I admire Thomas, but that penmanship… yeesh. Lol.

    The shoe thing was funny though. I’m just glad that statement doesn’t apply to me. I have the same $12 pair of sneakers I’ve had for the past 5 years. lol.

    And as for the “bubbly” dating tip… Er… Boy’s don’t like me tht way. I’m always just one of the guys…

  9. Im with kira i cant read his writing. His shoe statment doesnt apply to me , i go for cheap shoes. And the dating tip doesnt work. I know for a fact that it doesnt.

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