Is the media creating a Tom Felton vs. Robert Pattinson rivalry?

On the tail of the announcement of Tom Felton’s record deal with Six String Productions, there has been a ton of media coverage comparing our Tom to fellow actor, Robert Pattinson.

Apparently, Robert Pattinson is also interested in music (and actually recorded some music for the Twilight soundtrack). According to some sources, it was even rumored that the Twilight actor might be signing a record deal soon. However, as the media is so frequently pointing out, it was actually Tom who signed with a record company first.

Tom Felton vs. Robert Pattinson – who will win? According to Tom Felton, “Let’s go with a wand over fangs for now.”

Entertainment Biz! and reported:

Robert Pattinson gets beaten ! Really ? Unbelievable….

Robert Pattinson might be ruling the hearts of the ladies with his vampire role and making it to various lists of different magazines. [snip] But it is the Harry Potter villain Draco Malfoy played by Tom Felton who signed the record deal with Six Strings to bring out his maiden album soon.

Felton seems to have outdone Pattinson where a musician is concerned.

Another entertainment site, the, said:

Felton steals a record deal from Twilight and Former Harry Potter star Pattinson

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter star Tom Felton earns a record deal beating all expectations that Twilight and former Harry Potter star Robert Pattinson will posses it. Felton has been picked to sign in a record deal with Six Strings Productions defeating thunder of Pattinson, despite the Twilight star’s recent expression of interest in music., a popular music-related website, has listed Tom Felton as #2 on the list of movie stars who are starting their music careers. Who did they list as #1? You guessed it, Robert Pattinson.

Star of Harry Potter and the inspiration behind our look at movie stars who have turned to music, Tom Felton is set to record his debut album after signing a recording contract. The as-yet-untitled release is expected to follow Felton’s interest in guitar and will – probably – contain lots of spellbinding magic courtesy of his days at Hogwarts.

In addition, we’ve heard lots of times how Tom’s huge, world-wide fan-base can compare with Pattinson’s legions of Twilight fans. Entertainment reporter Taryn Ryder, after witnessing the online and real-life fan frenzy surrounding Tom’s MTV appearance, said on Twitter:

taryder: wow @TomFelton may have a fan base that rivals Twilight

Later, E! Online reported:

Harry Potter and Twilight have two of the most dedicated fan bases we’ve probably ever seen (and they just so happen to have a Robert Pattinson connection).

The Riverside Press enterprise reported after Tom’s visit to New Jersey:

So when did Draco Malfoy become a Jonas Brother?

Draco Malfoy may not be much of a wizard, but he has enough power to make girls from Paramus, N.J., scream as if they’d just seen Robert Pattinson.

As far as Tom Felton himself, we can tell you that Tom will very sweetly brush aside any notions of a rivalry.

“Rob’s very sweet and just a very cool guy. He’s actually very unaffected by all this. He’s kind of the beacon of hope for life after Harry Potter. I’m very proud of him.”

What do you all think? Is there a “Tombert” rivalry?

31 thoughts on “Is the media creating a Tom Felton vs. Robert Pattinson rivalry?

  1. I’m not a Rob fan but I am a Twilight fan and know for a fact Robert is not interested whatsoever in having a music career. He has said so many times. It could change in the future but not for now. So there never was a rivalry to begin with. Just the silly media trying to get hits.

  2. I know that only a great wizard will win. Definitely, a red-eye Vampire will NOT win against a great wizard, death eater, seeker, celebrity, and a good singer. And i think it’s not good to hear Robert Pattinson singing. NO OFFENSE.I’m just being honest. 🙂

  3. I think Twilight wants to get Tom Felton away from Harry Potter. No way!! I wouldn’t let you! You filthy mud-blood!

  4. Medias got the knack to create a rivalry of some kind, especially between two young celebrities rising to stardom.

    I remember mainly the one during my teens between Joey Laurence and the late Jonathan Brandis (“Seaquest DSV”, Mozenrath’s voice in “Disney’s Aladdin” series…); and into my early twenties, the one between Leonardo Dicaprio and Matt Damon (they’ve since shot together, and respect each other greatly!).

    On the other hand, the truth remains than yes, it’s Thomas whom signed the record deal first, not Robert.

    With Love,


  5. Makes me mad when media try to drive people against each other!! Through this doing Tom and Rob might experience undeserved hostility! Like there isn’t space for all of them!! I really wish media people would sometimes act more responsible and be aware of the outcome of their statements.

    • Ditto. I’m sick of seeing unnecessary rivalries created by the media. It not only causes undeserved hostility towards the celebrities, but it also causes online fights between the two groups of fans. The media obviously does not have anything better to do with its time.

  6. Please, just media hype. Tom never was or will be a “rilvary” type of guy. He’s too smart and sweet for that, as any true Feltfan can tell you.

  7. I thought this exact thing as I got the Google updates this week about Tom. It is all hype and as wrong as some of the press said he was giving up acting for a music career.

    They make stuff up thinking they are breaking an exciting story. Also the articles that imply Tom has no talent and is taking advanage of his celebrity to suddenly become a musican.

    All of it is white noise and I am sure neither Tom nor Robert are paying it any mind or attention at all.

  8. Haha this got me very excited.
    Yay Tom, thank god he stole the deal. He deserved it so much more.
    I hate Rob. He’s so…fake, and….awkward, to me. But I decided to give him a chance on his music.
    I listened to his music. He’s sounds as dousche-y as he acts.
    Surprise, surprise.
    The way he sings makes it seem like he’s one of those really old country singers who are too deaf to sing well anymore. Not that I’m criticizing deaf musicians. They’re awesome…sometimes. Depending.
    Anway, I really don’t think this is a big deal for either Tom or Rob. Tom obviously is too sweet for a rivalry, and Rob is too faggoty for a rivalry.
    So, if you’re Rob, don’t go for music. No offense, but even though you’re music seems sweet, your voice is…iffy.
    Oh, and I’d like to congragulate Tom on his 300,000 followers. You deserve it, Felty.
    Anyway, I don’t think this is going to be that big. Right now, the rivalry is more between the fangirls than the actual guys.
    That’ll be all from me, until I can find something else to say 😉

  9. Btw, sorry about that last comment. I know, I re-read it and it’s kinda mean….Sorry. Even though I hate sparkly vegetarians, I have nothing against Rob…Well, I’m not a fan of him, I’ll give you that, but I won’t judge unless I actually know the guy. Even though I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t wanna. But you never know, some people surprise ya.
    Anyway, Congrats and good luck to the Feltdog, and sorry for the loss to Rob.

  10. rob could have had a deal in a second if he wanted to, but he doesn’t. let’s be realistic for once, if we are as powerful as the pattinson-fanbase, how come that i don’t see tom giving rob a run for his money anywhere? i guess we have to work harder to bring tom forward.
    but i call all the media articles BS anyways, unless i hear it from tom’s mouth.

  11. i think that this is great for both of them, event though im not a rob fan; as previously mentioned by others the media should stop making rivalry between people. 🙂

  12. What is the real purpose of those silly medias!!! ;( Make me feel so bad, esp the jonas bros one. There is no rivalry in fact! Anyway, Tom is the greatest young actor and singer for us 😉

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