Tom Felton gets down and dirty in the latest clip from “13 Hrs”

Thanks to Andrea for sending in this clip of Tom in his latest film “13 Hrs.” Tom’s character discusses virginity, getting it on, and a few other things that shouldn’t be said in polite company. This is an extended version of the last clip we have seen from the film.

Be advised for strong sexual language and adult content.

13 thoughts on “Tom Felton gets down and dirty in the latest clip from “13 Hrs”

  1. that was fucking funny, i was laughing my ass off, the way he swears, i find it unusual & cute in way, which makes me rofl & the way he said ‘sarcastic twat’ was really high pitched & reminded me of a young draco back to those days
    & now i wanna see it

  2. he makes me laugh so much…

    I just can’t see him like that, i’m a cow but id have to type cast him to either geeky, very intellectual or really posh roles.

    either that or he adopts a broad northern accent 🙂
    so i can pretend he’s not the Tom i know and love 😛

  3. i support tom through everything he does, but i feel like he made a not-that-great of a choice doing this movie. i just don’t really want to see him talking like this. 🙁

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