New Hi-Res image of Tom Felton in Deathly Hallows, plus a FeltFan Eye View from Japan

Warner Brothers has sent us a high quality photo of Tom not really appreciating what’s for dinner in the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” The photo was printed in the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly, and for those of you as deeply into the Malfoy world as we are, you couldn’t help but notice what Harry was holding so determinately next to his mouth on the cover – Draco’s wand. I will admit I bought a copy of the magazine just for that. 😉

Harry and Draco’s Wand!

In related news, Feltbeats has also received a report from one of our Japanese correspondents, Yuzu, in regards to the HP7 countdown that took place across the island country. While the videos portrayed at the event did not contain anything new in regards to Tom *sobs!*, it’s still great to hear what happens when Potter fans get together. Thanks to Yuzu and our sister site, Our Dearest Tom’s admins Chinamin and AO-Chan for being on the Blonde Watch for us in Tokyo!

Japan-based countdown event to HP7 was held in 5 cities, Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka on 11th, August. I attended the event in Tokyo, which was held in Shinjuku-Picadilly movie theatre. The theatre was full of fan and medias. There were some cosplayers too.

First, they showed us the looking-back digest from HP1 ~ HP6, then “new footage” from HP7. But that “exclusive new footage” seemed to be the same official trailer which you can see on Youtube now. Next, video letter from Trio was presented. In the video, they greeted Japanese fan, announced HP7 part 1 will be released on November, they are proud of being involved in HP series for so long, and let us look forward to it. Then, they showed us behind-the-scenes footage. Our Dearest Tom‘s co-admin AO-chan said we can see the same video on Youtube too. But I enjoiyed it. There is a scene Trio is chased by a snitch. When they filmed this scene, both Trio & camera crews made a ran like sprint games. It was interesting. I also impressed by some crew’s words “All roads lead to Hogwarts.”

After that was a lottery time. Some children won the small prizes. At the end of the event, one cosplayer(wearing Harry’s cloak) was chosen as a starter, and she(maybe) put on the countdown
clock for HP7.

6 thoughts on “New Hi-Res image of Tom Felton in Deathly Hallows, plus a FeltFan Eye View from Japan

  1. Only our dear Japanese neighbors do things like that! I couldn’t escape thinking of a matsuri-like atmosphere, while reading the report, for it’s during matsuri (festival) times do Japanese enjoy most spending great moments together!

    With Love,


  2. Does Draco actually get his wand back afterwards?? If not, is there another one waiting for him at Ollivanders? Does anyone know, please???

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