Feltgirls, Flat Tom Felton, and Phelps Twins: Dragon*Con, 2010

As many of you know, Tom attended Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009. While many of us hoped he would return again this year, we are quite happy that he had to spend his time with hairy apelike creatures instead. However, in many a conversation leading up to his final filming schedule being released for “Cesar: Rise of the Apes,” he had still hoped to join up. We decided after it was determined the producers would not let him leave Canada that we would instead bring the con to him.

So without further ado, let me introduce Flat Tom. Flat Tom had loads of fun at Dragon*Con, and had his photo taken with everyone who recognized him. Feltbeats.com graciously thanks Christopher Floyd for letting us use his Twitter Portrait of Tom as we treated him as our own version of the Flat Stanley phenomenon. Flat Tom attended the panels of his “Harry Potter” co-stars James and Oliver Phelps, ate lunch at a Mexican joint, and even attended a ball or two or three when he wasn’t lounging about hogging all the covers in the hotel room.

But not only was Flat Tom popular amongst the fans, Tom himself had many a mention at this annual convention. Repeatedly his name was mentioned in the panels of the Phelps twins, and in the second to last question of their last panel, we learned from them how gracious a captain he was during the annual Slytherin vs. Gryffindor cricket match. When you watch the video, yes, that was me running to the microphone when they realized they had time for another question or two.

The mentions of Tom are too numerous to mention and sprinkled throughout each video. The panels themselves were quite enjoyable so I would recommend watching as many as you can handle. We apologize for the shakiness of the second panel video; someone kept us out all night getting his picture taken and left us with no sleep and no memory of the tripod when we left the hotel that day. 😉

You can see plenty of pictures of Flat Tom, the Phelps twins and the Feltgirls in our photo galleries.

14 thoughts on “Feltgirls, Flat Tom Felton, and Phelps Twins: Dragon*Con, 2010

  1. …I’M ON A PICTURE ON FELTBEATS IN MY SLYTHERIN ROBES ON THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. My life is officially made even more than it was before. And, yes, I am Siriusly fangirling right now. x3

  2. Is it just me or does it seem slightly weird that these ‘feltgirls’ are walking around with a small cut out of Tom at a convention??

    It just seems slightly obsessive and a bit nutty! Wat is the purpose of having the cutout, surely people know u r there to represent Tom with ur slightly conspicuous shirts on, and asking all ur odd questions.??

    • No never heard of flat stanley….
      Hmm I must be weird.
      I was just saying I thought it was odd, if it had some point to it, that I didn’t understand that’s fine.
      Oh btw I can spell What and Your, I guess some people just aren’t used to net speak.

      I didn’t mean to offend in case the flat thing did have a point I just thought it was weird when I first saw it…..maybe they could have explained it better, it mentions flat stanley in only one sentence.

  3. Clint Eastwood carried a ‘Flat Stanley’ down the red carpet at the Oscars one year. It’s hilarious!

    If you think it’s “obsessive and nutty” then you should probably try to have a bit more fun in life.

  4. Did anyone else have a hard time understanding what the Phelp twins were saying? I’m not sure if it was their accents or the recording but I missed some of their answers.

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