15 thoughts on “New Tom Felton Twitter Portrait by Christopher Floyd

  1. I already told ya I was IN Love.. And I mean it!! Tom always has that radiant look about him but for some odd reason, I am actually blinded by this photo.. LOL In a good way! GOD, I think MY HEART skipped a beat!! Okay. Okay. I know it did for sure.. 😀 <3

  2. I saw it as I was about to get off-line on Twitter, last night. It’s already added to my screensaver gallery, featuring his best shoots from photoshoots.

    I think it’s an humble one, because of the way Thomas’s bowing down.

    With Love,


  3. Beautiful pose. Tom’s a great model, hell I hate to compare but I say he’s better than Emma. Bonnie’s also a brilliant model, it’ll be great if Tom and her did a photoshoot together.

  4. Better than Emma? How can you compare Tom with a girl, especially her?! :D:D:D
    She is beautiful and graceful, besides he’s too skinny 🙂
    But he looks very nice ^^

  5. Tom is a handsome man, it´s true that it´s a few thin but he always shine with his smile. And Emma is a beautiful and a amazing woman that shines too. I don´t understand why Tom doesn´t look her if she is an angel, a brilliant angel.

  6. Tom,tweet more. Yesterday you didn´t tweet me. Tell something important, for example what you are doing or something about hp and the deathly hallows.

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