New previously unpublished photos of Tom Felton from HBP photoshoot

Thanks Oclumencia, we now have two new photos of Draco Malfoy from the photoshoot for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”.

There are total 19 new photos from several characters and you can see all here.

22 thoughts on “New previously unpublished photos of Tom Felton from HBP photoshoot

    • Yes,exactly!

      This shoot reflects perfectly Draco’s inner distress and humanity rising back up at the surface, and that the idea to hurt deliberatedly this bird isn’t quite pleasing at all or him!

      But what we wouldn’t do to gain some time? Absolutely anything.

      With Love,


  1. These are wonderful and he captures Draco’s emotions with masterly skill. 🙂
    The bird is so cute. I wonder if it’s real. It’s like, “Hello up there! Please stop holding me so tightly!”

  2. I absolutely love, love, LOVE the first photo. His eyes alone tell of his sorrow. Powerful imagery. Tom really put his heart & soul into this role. Awesome work, Tom!

  3. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for the second picture of Draco and the bird, the one where he looks down at it. Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can find the original, unedited version?

  4. i love him so much someday i will be doing movies and my music will be published then i really want to work with him.

    my day will come real soon.
    cant wait until my day comes

    love u tom felton i have seen all the harry potter movies including the last one then when the rise of the planet of the apes come to theatre i will go and see it.

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