Tom Felton is Mr. March in latest “Harry Potter” Calendar

It’s that time of year again – promo season. As the clock winds down to the release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I” this November, new promotional material is being released, and in this latest edition, courtesy of a 2011 calendar, we see a new photo inset of Tom as the iconic Draco Malfoy. How apropos is it he is the month known for its yin and yang mentality? The larger photo was used in “Half Blood Prince” advertisements, but the smaller image just below is new to our eyes.


22 thoughts on “Tom Felton is Mr. March in latest “Harry Potter” Calendar

  1. Or for the month of June, since Draco’s born at this time of the year. It’d have made even more sense.

    As a matter of fact, on my GOF perpetual calendar, it’s acually a shoot of Thomas from POA, with the Slytherin gang, which is featured *grin*.

    With Love,


  2. Mr. march is good for draco.but y bela is in july..i thought only the hottest were in june and july..well emma is good for june.y bella in july…sigh..sigh..i wanted snape in December..thats my month..but i ended up with “U KNOW WHO”

  3. I shall definitely purchase this. My birthday is in March. EXCELLENT!! He always looks in-character!

  4. What’d they do, throw darts at a board? Why is Draco March? And Voldy as December? One has to wonder why they picked what they picked. Anyway, love the new smaller pic of Draco, was never to fond about that one from the promo’s for HBP but I guess it is what it is 🙂

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  6. he should be in May!! 😀
    have prof. snape…and he scares me 🙁
    but tom is uber sexay! XD

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