Breaking News: Fans speak with as they reminisce and wish Tom Felton a happy 23rd year.

Fans gathered to talk with about the charismatic Tom Felton as his 23rd birthday approached. Watch as we speak with fans young and old along with a few close friends, in particular James and Oliver Phelps, before sticking around to see the surprise we have in store for the birthday boy.

Thanks to everyone (you know who you are) for all your help in making this gift a reality.

Feel free to leave your wishes for Tom in the comments below.

52 thoughts on “Breaking News: Fans speak with as they reminisce and wish Tom Felton a happy 23rd year.

  1. Good job guys!
    Happy Birthday, Tommy. We love you, and you know that)
    Хорошая работа ребята!
    С Днём Рождения, Томми. Мы любим тебя, и ты это знаешь.)

  2. OMG…..this was just Incredible 🙂 u guys have made him so proud..
    I have tears in my eyes, so heart warming, aaaahhh i love the whole thing 😀 Harry potter fans are the best 😀 aawwie James and Oliver xD
    u guys are Awesome..i love u guys for doing this …u always make his birthday the best memorable 🙂

  3. I really hope you have a great birthday! I suggest going to Disneyland! What better way to celebrate than with Mickey Mouse right? I hope you get my birthday present for you soon!

  4. It’s slightly sad how excited I am to be in this video. Aww, I love all the fans. Plus, I teared up because that was such an amazing experience. Siriusly, the Yule Ball was the best thing that ever happened to me.


  5. Hey tom south philly says happy birthday u probably won’t see this but you are fantastic and will just keep getting better cumpleanos feliz mr felton Love you bye!!!

  6. I just want to say, Happy birthday, Tom! You are an amazing actor and singer. May you’re life only get better and better with each passing year!

  7. That Video is a great Work.. You did all a wonderfull Job. Happy Birthday Tom Felton. Hope you’re gonna have a Day full of Joy and Fun.

  8. AHHHHHH! happy birthday tom! wishing you all the best for this year and hope you have an amazing, amazing day!! these guys are amazing, this is such a touching gift!! 😀 iloveeyouu TOM!! ♥

  9. Happy Birthday, Tom! I wish you that all your dreams come true. Enjoy your day! 🙂

    The video is fantastic! Especially the birthday song is wonderful! 🙂 Great, that James, Oliver and Tom’s bodyguard of the DragonCon from last year also congratulate Tom in this video.

  10. Happy Birthday! I wish you a 100 years of happiness, great health, love, good luck, good fun, and smile on your face.

    Plase tell to the Tom my wishes.
    Love with Polend .

  11. Happy 23th Birthday Tom!!! Yay! 😀 May GOD Bless You Always in being the man that you are today and more. The Best is YET to come! I have faith & confidence in YOU! GOD is going to Bless YOU in true LOVE & Happiness that you truly deserve. Have a wonderful, fantastic Day!!! <3

    P.S. I know there is more to YOU than meets the eye. One day everyone will figure it out. But until then YOU have to discover it yourself first. And Believe me YOU will & it will make YOU soo Happy In Love that,You won't be able to see straight. Don't listen to Negative people because they do NOT know what they are talking about. Listen to your heart and your dreams. That's all that matters. Only YOU can do it! 🙂 😀 And I know will reach it.

  12. Happy birthday, Tom! You rock your world! 😀 May your career go on and on for many years, and may we all celebrate this day for a long time 😀

  13. Happy 23rd birthday tom! 🙂 Hope your having an awesome, great, groovy day and got lots of presents! 🙂
    Best wishes, love, hugs
    Rebecca c x

  14. Wow.. now I truly feel like a dork! Thanks for the chance to be in the video!

    I’ll just say it once again “Happy Birthday Tom, & my name is Heather.”

    It was also nice seeing all the Potter Fans at the Yule Ball during Dragon*Con.

    See you next year!

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