Preview of the Total Film Cover with Tom Felton

Today Total Film published the cover of their magazine with Tom Felton. Unfortunately, Tom will not be on the original cover from the magazine, which will be out by Thursday.

Their words to the Tom cover are:

@tomfelton fans, here’s the Tom cover just for you! Print out & stick on the front of the new issue, out Thursday!

@feltbeats here is your exclusive Tom Felton cover! Print out and stick on the new issue. Thanks for all the support 🙂

Thanks Total Film for the great cover!

21 thoughts on “Preview of the Total Film Cover with Tom Felton

  1. i’m gonna get that magazine & then just gonna put it on my bed & then as cheesy as it sounds hug it in my sleep, that’s what happened with my out magazine with dan radcliffe on the cover
    & i hope to god there is a photoshoot 😀

  2. Simply said, he looks HOT!
    Why can’t more photographers take more pics of Tom like this one?
    It’s a shame it won’t appear on newstands, I’d totally buy it, if he was on the cover.

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