Because there’s a little Tom Felton in everything “Harry Potter”

The beauty of being on the Warner Brothers distribution list means we get all types of goodies straight from the source – high quality photos, release dates, tickets and contests to fancy dress occasions like premieres and whatnot. However, when these squee-worthy bits of new details lack anything on the surface related to one Mr. Tom Felton, we sag a bit while floundering around confused at the lack of paleness before donning our ever handy thinking caps. Because really, there’s a little Tom Felton in everything “Harry Potter” if you only look hard enough.

Take for instance these new high quality posters of the Trio featuring the tag line “Nowhere is Safe.” While we know the Trio spend the majority of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I” in the magical equivalent of a road movie, we also know Tom’s platinum character Draco Malfoy isn’t dwelling anywhere safe either. I don’t imagine he felt the warm and fuzzies having Lord Voldemort as a house guest.

Or what about the latest American Library Association’s READ campaign featuring Tom’s friend Daniel Radcliffe, his golfing buddy Rupert Grint, and the ever so studious Emma Watson showing off their favorite books. It’s not like Tom doesn’t know how to read. Why, he mentions doing so all the time on his Twitter. Warwick Davis’ new book… scripts… take away menus

So really, while Tom isn’t in these promos per se, to a true Tom fan, he really is.

Or maybe I’ve just had too much to drink sleep.

A trivia contest is running on the ALA Graphics Facebook Fan Page to win these posters, with the special chance at a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie poster, compliments of Warner Bros. Pictures. Check in daily from now until October 15th–first to correctly answer the trivia question each day wins!

So what do you think is Mr. Felton’s favorite book? Let’s all go over to Twitter and ask him, shall we?

8 thoughts on “Because there’s a little Tom Felton in everything “Harry Potter”

  1. That’s true! it’s not fair that we don’t have too much draco on the HP Promos…

    And I hate be in Brazil! everything gets here after the everywhere 🙁

    Lets go to twitter and ask!

    By the way! tks for helping promote the #FeltonDay!

    Kisses, hugs and cookies!

    • si tu crees que en Brasil no llega a tiempo la cosa ni te digo yo que estoy en Venezuela que si no es por el facebook y el twitter no me entero de nada.. jaja :p

    • Ditto.

      This is doesn’t make sense at all!

      It’s as if Thomas and his HP character, Draco, were, and are to remain the outcasted ones from such promotional/educational campain projects.

      Thomas got an educational baggage like any of us, and from my point of view, he is doing not so bad, contrary to whomever decided he didn’t belong there!

      With Love,


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