Get your life-size Tom Felton right here, folks.

For those of you that always wanted a life-size Tom Felton in your home, here’s your chance! has released a stand up, life-size character poster featuring Tom as Draco in addition to posters of cast mates Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Rupert Grint (Ron), Emma Watson (Hermione), and Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix). Tom’s poster measures at 24 inches (61cm) wide by 67 inches (170.2cm) tall. Only one inch shy of Tom himself!

Part of me finds this incredibly creepy, but if you get him, please send us pics. I’ll even create an album for you. 😉

You may purchase Tom’s character poster online at

13 thoughts on “Get your life-size Tom Felton right here, folks.

  1. Oh I so want this! No where to put it tho =( I had a life size Harry once but it just ended up sitting there taking up space and getting wrecked =(

  2. I once got a lobby life size cardboard of Picard. I put him on the door to the laundry room and pretended I was lost on the planet of dirty clothes with him until the humidity from the washer and dryer destroyed him.

    I’d love to have “Draco” to tell me all about Malfoy manor when I dry and fold.


    • LOL actually,
      doesn’t sound bad listening Draco when drying and folding. to much inspiration.. xD

      Since I was about 10 years -since the first movie- I wanted a Draco life size poster. Really. Now, finally my dream has come true.
      I NEED this.

  3. WOW! Most impressive!

    During my studies into the States, I used to have a Princess Leia standee, which I gave away upon my return home, to the Students Programs office of my College campus, since I couldn’t take it with me. Couldn’t get it fitting into a suitcase…*lol*

    With Love,


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