RingCon 2010 without Tom Felton, but with the Phelps twins and feltbeats.com stickers

As you all know, Tom couldn’t make it to Ring*Con in Bonn, Germany due to shooting “From the Rough” in New Orleans, Louisiana. Still I was there to represent feltbeats.com and it was great.

To promote our website we created stickers which were in the welcome bags for each visitor.

At DragonCon, James and Oliver Phelps met a few of the Feltbeats-girls and so I thought it would be a good idea to present them with our sticker of Feltbeats. My daughter Catalina (She took the pictures) and I gave them to them in the interviewing area.

The panels with the twins were just great. They were funny, and in the second panel they even stood together for a picture following the request of the fans. They had stood on different ends of the stage so you could only take pictures of them separately.

They learned a little German, even though Oliver tried to sneak out on that. He tried to hide behind a wall. But after James spoke a sentence in German; “Wir lieben unsere deutschen Fans” (We love our German fans) his brother was asked for. A fan tried to trick him in to a tongue twister but there he refused.

Also attending the Ring*Con were actors Natalia Tena, Louis Cordice, George Harris and Nick Shirm from the Harry Potter movies. They had panels too, but I only saw the Natalia Tena one and the Harry Potter panel with all four actors together in which Natalia and George gave a vocal performance.

Unfortunately, no Harry Potter stars at the press conference but a lot of actors from LotR, LotS, Blood Ties and Twilight. James and Oliver Phelps attended the opening ceremony and stayed till the end, as did George, Louis and Nick.

There was also a charity auction with a lot of stuff from the fantasy corner.

As you can see there was a hand drawn picture of Draco Malfoy, by the artist Mim Kleine. Over 3000 € was raised which was given partly to a 13 year old who is living with his family in Chiping. A part went to “Bärenherz”. An organization that supports children with terminal illnesses. Another part went to an animal organization in Dachau.

By the way… Mark Ferguson of LotR was master of ceremony and he did a great job…

If you are interested you can view all the pictures here.

Thanks to Ring*Con for mentioning our website as support at the press conference and on the back of the press map.


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