A Feltbeats.com Exclusive: Tom Felton’s Most Dramatic Role Yet.

Ray Marsden is a troubled youth from an East London estate.

He’s had a violent past…

And faces an uncertain future…

A character channeled by our own Tom Felton, Ray has come to life in a secret project to be announced later this week. Tom is breathtaking as he portrays the anguish of a troubled youth demanding to see a patient in hospital while being confronted by a skeptical nurse, lonely and solitary in the dead of night.

Ray could use all the friends he can get at this troubled time in his life. Help him realize he’s not alone by friending him on Facebook.

Stay tuned as we reveal more information on Tom’s most dramatic reincarnation yet in the coming weeks.

25 thoughts on “A Feltbeats.com Exclusive: Tom Felton’s Most Dramatic Role Yet.

  1. My Goodness!

    Such haunted features and eyes! You truly can tell his character’s mind really isn’t at peace at all, and at the same looking forward to find this so much needed rest for it.

    Thomas truly has the capacity to capture and render all the complexity of these contradictory, painful emotions, fighting each other inside a character, whom hasn’t known any quiet moment earlier in into its life.


    With Love,


  2. I’m a little freak out right now, how Tom, Devon Sawa & Eminem kinda look alike. And I do mean that as a compliment. Maybe not all the time look alike, but they have these looks & aura, specially with photos like that. Wow!

    Cant wait to see this movie! Thanx for the pics.

    • I agree about the Eminem resemblance, I think it is the scowling facial expression. Eminem does that a lot lol.
      This movie looks great, I like Tom in less fantasised roles. Ya know like without magic, :)) more realistic.

      Must admit he is one person who can pull off that fully haunted look :). I wonder what is troubling poor Ray.


  3. i went to friend this page on facebook & it seems like a very good marketing technique. i like it when things are marketed different… also I like anything with Tom in it, so yeah!

  4. Dear God, He looks amazing! And there is SO many pictures to enjoy in! Seems like we gonna see more good roles from Ms. Felton! Can’t wait to see it!

  5. He is soooooo beautiful!! (I always think I’ve seen it all and it can’t get any better and then there come the next images that knock me off my feet!)

  6. His left hand heavily bandaged, and in the last pic, something in his right hand. What is this dude up to?
    Highly intriguing story line. I wanna see what Tom does with this character.

    • Wow…I think I just figured it out. From what Tom and the director said, Ray is a gang-related type of guy and said the end is suposed to be a huge twist.

      In the the trailer, Ray looks desperate to see the hurt patient who he insists is his dad but the nurse is certain that it’s not his dad. I’m thinking he was the one that put the patient in the hospital. Look at the last picture carefully. That looks suspiciously like an Iv or some sort of respiratory tube.

      I think Ray might have failed to kill the man and came to finish the job. That’s just my theory but now that I think about it, it makes sense. πŸ˜€ Either way, I’m a full Tom Felton supporter and I can’t wait to watch this movie. short movie or not, I’m interested. XD

    • Oh wow I watched half of that video (Eminem isn’t my cup of tea, couldn’t bring myself to finish it) and it’s really alike! The hoodie, bandage, hospital corridor, nurse, his expression, though I disagree with one above comment that they’re alike, Tom is much cuter. πŸ™‚

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