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As we teased you about yesterday, Tom has a new short film coming out where he plays Ray Marsden, a troubled youth from East London. Today, we can officially state the name of the film is “White Other,” written and directed by Dan Hartley, a video playback operator on the HP sets, and director of short films “Flea,” “Death in Vegas,” and “Love you, Joseff Hughes.” The film co-stars Imelda Staunton (Umbridge in HP), was filmed in May of this year, and will be released globally in the coming weeks.

In the dead of night a troubled youth from an East London estate, Ray Marsden (Tom Felton – Harry Potter) stalks into a hospital ward demanding to see the patient. The attendant Nurse, Lynne McDermott (Imelda Staunton – Vera Drake) is sceptical about Ray’s motives but gradually uncovers the truth about his violent past and in so doing makes a startling discovery that will change both of their lives forever.

Over the next few weeks, some exciting stuff for fans will be coming out via the film’s official Facebook and Twitter, and today we received the first exclusive quote from Tom on the film. As was posted to Facebook:

The cast took a lot from the experience of filming White Other, with Tom Felton describing it as ‘one of the most enjoyable filming experiences I’ve ever had.’ Asked what made her decide to do the film, Imelda said, “the story spoke to me… I liked its twists and turns… If more films were as economic and well-written as this, [people] would learn a lot.”

Clocking in at 13 minutes, the film packs a powerful punch with Tom pulling out all the stops for his most powerful performance yet. His character is full of anguish, and yet again, could use all the friends he can get so head on over to Facebook and show Ray Marsden you care by becoming his friend.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we have more exclusively exciting news to share regarding Tom and “White Other.”

5 thoughts on “Follow Tom Felton’s mystery film “White Other” on Twitter!

  1. True, as I’m remembering now, Thomas had somewhat underlined the fact he was shooting something very different from Draco, back in May, without saying not too much about it, of course.

    I’ve no doubt he truly had enjoyed himself filming this movie. Thomas never sulks his pleasure when it comes to new experiences.

    With Love,


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