It’s a Tom Felton Poster Book Appearance

Thanks to FeltFan Nicolle for tweeting us these scans of Tom’s interview in the latest Harry Potter poster book.

It seems we’re not the only ones looking forward to Harry saving Draco.

Click on the scans for bigger, easier reading.

5 thoughts on “It’s a Tom Felton Poster Book Appearance

  1. Awesome! Great interview. Indeed, it’s so amazing and just “WOW” to look back at this regular main cast of Harry Potter and see how you young they were. A lot of grew up with them, with these movies. God bless, Tom. An amazing actor.

  2. It’s proof of Tom’s amazing acting skills that he, being such a gentleman, can pull off Draco, the “slimy, posh git!” (btw, I cant wait to see his new short film, White Other!!!)

    • Gentleman he is indeed, with the education that goes with it! To haved pulled off with Draco’s challenging evolution has certainly been something.

      And I recall effectively reading into a previous past interview, Thomas already mentioning the fact than his brothers pushing him around, has helped him to create Draco’s personality.

      With Love,


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