Tom Felton Fan Days

Various photos of Tom from yesterday’s sojourn to Dallas for the Star Trek Fan Days have started to pop up on Twitter.

From @themahler:

Here I am with @TomFelton (THE Draco Malfoy). Can’t say enough about him. Great guy.

From @SammaGarrett:

Our picture with @tomfelton

From @Rachel_Friedman:

A picture of my picture with @tomfelton 🙂

And my personal favorite, from @hannahlovesJDB:

@tomfelton here is the pic you asked for! Thank you for being so lovely. It was amazing meeting you today! xx

As more news and photos of Tom’s Fan Days appearance pops up, we’ll let you know.

14 thoughts on “Tom Felton Fan Days

  1. I heart Tom Felton, but I’d Heart him more if he pulled up his pants, lol!!! Although I do feel a smidge naughty for being able to see like 6 inches of his undies 😀

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