Tom Felton is a cheater, but we already knew that.

Thanks to Sabkay for sending us this short interview from the latest edition of Germany’s BRAVO Magazine. In this edition, Tom talks about creating his own record label [Six String Productions] in order to sign himself to a record deal, how music is his passion, but film is where he’ll be.

Nasty, nastier Draco Malfoy! For ten years, Tom Felton played Harry Potter’s villain, but through his music he shows his softer side with a cool voice and quiet guitar sounds. He’s already recorded a few songs, but now he is starting through – he got a deal with a music label! Well, almost… “I’d offered it me by myself,” Tom tells us with a smile. How’s that?! “It’s simple: I founded with two friends a record label and took myself under contract, I must admit, I cheated just a little,” laughs Tom in a BRAVO Interview. It doesn’t matter – there’s a great idea behind it: “We want to encourage young songwriters. They are allowed to romp out in our label.” Don’t panic, he won’t be giving up acting because of this: “Music may be my passion, but film is where I belong.”

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