Solve the Code for Tom Felton’s “White Other”

Coming out live today is the website for Tom’s latest film, “Whiter Other”. Unlike other film websites, is an innovative mystery website that offers viewers the opportunity to solve a set of clues in order to get the code needed to view the film.

When asked why he decided to launch the website in this way, director Dan Hartley stated, “the inherent problem in generating interest in short films is their length. With this website we set out to create a lot of additional content, to give the audience an opportunity to explore the greater world of White Other.”

While attempting to solve the code, viewers will be led through a series of video clips, news reports and audio files from a variety of real and fictitious events. “We’re hoping to raise the bar in terms of what can be achieved in short film promotion but also use the internet as a means of expanding and populating the universe that the story is set in, therein creating the opportunity for White Other to develop into a feature film,” states Hartley.

The code will be released for film viewing on November 19th. In the meantime, check out and see if you can solve the mystery behind White Other. You never know, the clues could be easier, or harder than you think.

10 thoughts on “Solve the Code for Tom Felton’s “White Other”

  1. Hum…gets me thinking of the Cluedo game, where you’ve got to gather enough clues to solve the egnima. I think that’s very smart and clever, to get the audience using their potential to solve the final riddle. I wish there were more sites like this.

    With Love,


    • That is to view the trailer, but there is another one for the movie. We need to figure out what is going on with Ray and Ashley and Mylo.
      Anyone figured it out yet??

      I am confused because Mylo was scared of being in E6 but as far as I can tell thats where Ray and Ashley and Mylo live.
      Why are the E6’s after Ray and Ash and Mylo, has it something to do with why Mylo went to prison??

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  3. I can’t really distinguish words in his monologs. My english seems too poor for this manner of speaking. Are there subtitles? It’s pity I can’t understand the most emotional part of the film)

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