MTV thinks Tom Felton is a Hottie, but we already knew that.

We’ve always known MTV has had a bit of a crush on Tom Felton, and now it’s been revealed publicly for all and sundry. In their Top 10 “Harry Potter” Hotties: The Crush Compilation list, reporter Terri Schwartz has placed Tom at the top of their list, beating such known hotties as RPattz, DanRad, and Sean Biggerstaff.

1. Tom Felton

Nine years ago, when I first saw “Sorcerer’s Stone” in theaters, I never would have dreamed that one day I would say the boy behind that brat Draco Malfoy would earn the number one spot on a sexiest men of “Potter” list. But during those years, Tom Felton has not only become absolutely gorgeous but one of the sweetest and most charming men on the “Potter” cast, and, as we’ve shown, there are a lot of them. Plus I like the bad boys, what can I say?

Maybe it’s because I know entirely too much about Tom that he’s officially been regulated to Fond Cousin status in my book, but I just can’t think of him as “hottie” anymore. (Sorry, Tom!) Daniel Radcliffe and Oliver Phelps are my top hotties in the HP cast. Do you agree with Hollywood Crush, or is there someone else in the HP cast that tops your hotness scale?

13 thoughts on “MTV thinks Tom Felton is a Hottie, but we already knew that.

  1. I think Tom is the hottest one on the list but I defiantly think that the Phelps twins and Rupert should have been higher. I’m over R-Patz. I like that they included Sean Biggerstaff too. He’s precious.

  2. “Honorable mentions: The sexy old men of “Potter””

    ARGH! Where is Jason Isaacs?!

    And I’m starting to agree with you on the “fond cousin” part. LOL!! We love you Thomas! ^__^

    • Totally agree with that, Jason Isaacs definitely should have been mentioned. And where is Alan Rickman?! He is definitely a sexy old man as well.

      But for the young guys, I agree with Tom Felton being in first place.

  3. It never crossed my mind to think of Thomas as being hot along all these years a single second, as he grew up.

    I’ve been rather instantly interested by the sweet, charming young man, he was witnessing to be known as to be still nowadays. That is, the human being, not the star.

    With Love,


  4. Tom has always been the sexiest guy of the Potter Team! You can say what you want, but (also with the ways of doing) Tom is thousand times better ♥ than Pattison (sparkling vampire bleah!) or Radcliffe or Grint!

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