New Photos of Tom Felton and Daddy!Lucious in Malfoy Manor

Because we haven’t spoken enough about Harry Potter today, the WB decided to send us new photos in anticipation of tomorrows world premiere. Enjoy.

You can see more photos from this release of the Trio, Voldemort and others over at Snitchseeker. In addition, they also have photos from today’s Leavesden Studio Renovation Photo Call. Tom was not included in the professional backdrop photos for some reason, but you can see a candid of him mixed in with everyone’s posed photos. I love Emma’s hair and dress; what do you think, Feltfans?

14 thoughts on “New Photos of Tom Felton and Daddy!Lucious in Malfoy Manor

    • I believe his appearance points out a detail I’ve always known in my heart of hearts, Lovegood is his mad brother. Think about it, in canon both Draco and Luna are described with silver eyes. Draco got crazy from both sides of his family Black (Bellatrix) and Malfoy’s black sheep Xeo Lovegood. Yes, this is a joke of a theory but I coudn’t help myself.
      On another note, Tom looks in character which is awesome and Jason I. appears intriging to watch. Can’t wait! 😀

  1. I love Lucius.. hehe
    And Emma looked FABULOUS with her dress and hair ;)..
    Why couldn’t Tom come to the photocall..?
    Mind to share why..? ;D

  2. Looks like Lucius seems to not have gotten not quite understood that they’re all threatened, and to just go on with it!

    And how come Thomas wasn’t included ino the Photo Call?

    What happened?

    With Love,


  3. Oh my good…did you see Jade on one pic with Tom?!
    y’know I think she isn’t very pretty..but in that pic she’s really skinny & ugly.

    Emma is beautiful <3

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