Photos of Tom Felton from the DH1 London Premiere

Photos from today’s red carpet premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1” (London) may now be found in our gallery. Please continue to check back as more photos of Tom in a quite dapper and tailored suit are posted online.

49 thoughts on “Photos of Tom Felton from the DH1 London Premiere

  1. He looked so handsome!! Didnt you guys get any of him and Jade together?? I got one from I think it was. Jade looked incredibly pretty in a simple black dress. I totally complimented Toms outfit, they are such a lovely couple!!

  2. i can’t get over a tan draco! also, is he growing a beard thing? it’s a very different look. now, why doesn’t this site have the ones of him & jade up yet? i loved those. she looks amazing.

  3. Jealous much Kaaathlen? She looks lovely. Also, she’s not a celeb so she doesn’t need strangers talking bad about her just because they’d like to schtup her bf. STFU, you make the rest of us look bad.

    I love the 3rd one. He looks like he’s doing Rodney Dangerfield’s no respect bit.

  4. All of you, play nice or I will not hesitate to go Molly Weasley on you. *stern look* is here to support Tom and his career, and that is all. If you would like to bicker back and forth about what he does in his private life and whether or not you approve, there are forums dedicated specifically to that cause. Please take your arguments there.

    Thank you, and have a nice day.

  5. I’m not likin the suit, sorry Tom, paper bag brown, baby blue tie? No. Jade looks beautiful tonight, i didn’t like her dress yesterday at the Leavesden Studios thing.

  6. I don’t idolise her at all. I don’t know anything about her beyond her first name and that she’s dating Felton. Just seems bit catty to be a fan of his and say cruel things about someone he cares about.

  7. No wonder we don’t get photos of Jade on here anymore.

    Will you please keep your nasty comments to yourself!!!

    I am so sick on seeing them of feltbeats – post them on other sites, there are plenty of them!!

    I for one would like to see photos of Tom and Jade together as she is a big part of his life and i am a big Tom FAN.

    • this needs a big LIKE button comment. as a fan who doesn’t want to date him, i want to support what he supports. he likes his girlfriend. cool! i’ll give that two thumbs up.

  8. okay this has to come to an end..
    I won’t lie though in the beginning I wasn’t a big fan of her either, because we didn’t get a very good start..
    but now.. I’ve learned to like her. cause I don’t know her as a person. I bet there snone of you up there who does. we have to take Tom’s word for how she is. and that’s enough for me. I would love for someone to interview Jade, just so we can get to know her better. I’m sure most ofyou will change your mind about her..
    be a bit supportive to Tom people. He loves her with all his heart and she makes him happy. should we, as fans, support them?

    They both looked gorgeous and I screamed a little when I saw them. (I thought I’d missed them.. tell me.. did we get any footage of them when they arrived? or had they just arrived when we got the close up on them? )

    I enjoyed the evening as much as a Tom Felton fan can. It was great!! they were lucky it didn’t rain on them this year! 🙂


  9. OMG that last picture…

    Malfoy.. Draco Malfoy,
    I take my Martinis shaken not stirred…

    They’ve already had one blond Bond.

    *still giggling at that photo*

    He really looked so handsome and polished on the live feed though. I was disappointed there were no photos of him with Jason.

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