More magazine scans of Tom Felton

Tom Felton Brasil uploaded this scan of Tom from the Brazilian magazine Atrevida. You can read the translation on their site by clicking on the Countries button. Thanks to ThomasFeltonUK for the tip.

Tom was also together with Matthew Lewis in the latest issue of the German magazine “Mädchen” (girl).

The finale of the great saga: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 comes to the cinemas on 18.11. But what kind of experiences did the actors had on the set? Tom Felton (villain Draco Malfoy) and Matt Lewis (Neville Longbottom) talked about it with our editor Annely.

Mädchen: Ten Years “HP”: What will you gonna miss?
Tom: “To be someone totally different. Draco is so bad (laugh).
Matt: “For years I’ve played Neville and to see its development, gave me a lot of fun.”

Mädchen: And about what are you happy?
Matt: “To not wear these padding suits anymore, which made Neville fat. It was totally hot and then go to the bathroom was always a disaster.
Tom: “I’m not gonna miss Draco’s blond hairs. My classmates always made jokes about them.”

Mädchen: What were the most funniest moments on set?
Tom: “I had so much fun to play with the “Slytherin”-boys. Once Josh (Goyle) taped my caravan thick with tape so I couldn’t go into it.” (laugh)
Matt: “We shoot videos. Alfie (Dean Thomas) had always the funniest performances.”

Mädchen: Be honest: Have you cried on the last day of shooting?
Tom: “Daniel and Rupert for sure (laugh). I wasn’t on set at the last day of shooting. But I would have cried probably.”
Matt: “It was really strange. But it isn’t the real end though. I think the premiere of the second part will be really sad.”

Picture 1: Since beginning of the HP-Saga Draco Malfoy knew….
Picture 2: …exactly, how to harass his victim Neville
Picture 3: Together with his friends Harry, Ron and Hermione Neville is able ….
Picture 4: … to defend himself against Draco and show everyone what he can.

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