USA Today & Calgary’s Metro both have words with Tom Felton about Draco Malfoy

In two news articles out today, Tom spoke at length with Calgary’s Metro in regards to Draco’s ability stand-up against other well known characters, but with USA Today, he only had words in regards to Draco’s bloody blond hair.

With USA Today:

Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy), who next stars alongside James Franco in Rise of the Apes, showed off golden tresses at Monday night’s New York premiere. “It took us a lot of man hours to get that bloody white hair out, so it’s good to get rid of it,” Felton told USA TODAY’s Andrea Mandell of Draco’s signature snowy hue.

With Metro:

What’s the best thing about playing someone evil?
It’s so nice to play someone so well written, and someone that’s so different from Tom. Draco’s not an evil child at all, quite a soft sweetheart really. He’s a victim of circumstances, and a victim of terrible parenting, he was the most evil when he was young, as he’s grown older, and in this film, he’s grown a conscience for the first time.

How do you think Draco would match up to other movie superheroes?
Well, we do have the great advantage of the wand, we don’t have to get to within 20 metres of each other. I like to think that with that you can’t really fail, a bit of abracadabra and bam, the job’s a good ‘un. With the wand, they’d never get that close, but if they did I’m sure he’d get the shit kicked out of him. Draco’s far from the most courageous boy in the book, and would probably run away crying before they had the chance to fire a first blow.

How would he do against Twilight’s Edward and Jacob?
Not very well, take the wand out, there’s no chance, he’s running away crying.

How about the kids from Narnia?

They’re pretty tame, they’ve got no hope, it wouldn’t even go to physical, it would be merely verbal; he would spit out a few distasteful remarks and they’d run off back into the wardrobe.

And Jack Sparrow?
The drunken gay captain? He’s quite a slippery one, that Captain Jack, he would probably get into a tongue-twisting kind of event where Draco’s outsmarted and probably marooned on an island. I see Draco being outsmarted quite quickly.

Finally, would Draco have a chance against the Dark Knight?
Wow, not a hope in hell, that guy’s at another level. Draco would be petrified at the thought.

You can read more of Tom’s interview with Calgary’s Metro at the source.

5 thoughts on “USA Today & Calgary’s Metro both have words with Tom Felton about Draco Malfoy

  1. Thomas, you’ve perfectly captured Draco’s personality finely:

    Yes, he’s a softie, a sweetheart, just like you, if I may. The fact that he’s shown off he’s got a conscience, reveals he’s far the more human into his family, compared to his Aunt Bellatrix, for instance, whom didn’t hesitate to torture and drive to madness Longbottom’s parents.

    As a child, he’s ran away indeed out of fright (like at the discovery of the dead Unicorn into the Forbidden Forest), and like crying when Moody turned him into a ferret.

    But a Dragon, running away in front of danger? It’s only into fairytales do you see that!

    With Love,


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