Another Day, Another Tom Felton is a Hottie List

We bring today’s Hottie List to you courtesy of E! Online. While they aren’t as in love with Tom as MTV has repeatedly claimed, he was only beat out by the ever ubiquitous Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. However, I’m mostly posting this because of what they say about, well, the fans.

3. Tom Felton: We’ll fess, we didn’t know Draco Malfoy had an enormous fan following of his own, but boy were we surprised to see how cuckoo crazy this fellow could make his loyal Twitter followers get. Must be that totally adorable blond mop of his. Or that bad-boy charm he shows off in the flicks. Or maybe his sense of humor (didn’t catch his cameo in Get Him to the Greek? Watch it again!).

That comment almost makes me want to never tweet Tom again! lol Almost.

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