Is Tom Felton a bad boy? NO!

Tom Felton is once again in the latest German BRAVO.

What is he about to do?! With full force Tom Felton rams a table lamp in direction of the TV Screen. Behind him is a chair tipped over. Is the 23-year-old now on the way to a riot-rocker? No, don’t worry!
The Harry-Potter-Star did a photoshooting. Good thing – would be a shame to the TV.

Picture 1: Everything was just played. Actually is the Harry-Potter-Star Tom a nice guy.
Picture 2: Perfect pose: The Actor could make a big crash in a hotelroom

6 thoughts on “Is Tom Felton a bad boy? NO!

  1. Haha, i love this though. Tom seems like a really mellow guy, honestly. I take german at my school, so i was laughing. Nice shoot tom

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