Meet & Greet with Tom Felton in Tokyo

Today the fan event “Meet & Greet” with Tom took place at the Tokyo Tower. We have some photos and a video of him in which he greets his fans and hopes to meet them in other cities.

Tom tweeted this photo on Twitter.

Been an incredible day meeting the Japanese fans! They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Example A!

And here are more photos of him.

You can see more photos of him in our gallery.

Thanks to Pottermaniajp for uploading this video of Tom.

They also uploaded nice photos of Tom on their site, but they don’t want that the images are downloaded, so here are the links to the photos.

Tom Felton in Tokyo 1 – Tom Felton Tokyo 2 – Tom Felton Tokyo 3

10 thoughts on “Meet & Greet with Tom Felton in Tokyo

  1. I see this man and I love him so much. I know I should not say that here for it is an impossible feeling, but still one can dream.


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