New day, new photos of Tom Felton

During Tom’s Japan trip was in the Cinemax Chiharadai today the autograph session with Tom. A first picture of him is now online (thanks to andori and ulijandro) and you can see on it, that Tom got a small band aid on his finger. Did he have too much autographs to give? Probably, but we all know that Tom is really popular. 🙂

And here are more photos from yesterday.

8 thoughts on “New day, new photos of Tom Felton

  1. Thomas probably cut his finger out with one of his guitar’s strings while playing.

    He played the game nicely, as always, by accepting a hug from a young lady during yesterday’s session. That’s so sweet, and very kind indeed.

    Great thanks to Japanese Fans for sharing their pictures with us!

    With Love,


  2. Great seeing you on Saturday, Tom! Hope you can finally get some rest and enjoy your time in Japan!

    I’m excited to see what you’ll do next in your career. And Deathly Hallows is an awesome movie! Can’t wait for Part 2!!

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