All Grown Up, Tom Felton Will Be the One to Watch

As often happens when child stars grow up, there is much speculation on which route their career will take or even if they will have a career for that matter. Will their path lie down the road of drug addiction and rehab stints or will the fortune and fame of a truly talented and successful actor be stops upon their highway of life. No matter which it is, it’s always nice to hear the masses proclaim the future they see for you is one of success based on talent.

In an article by Natalie Holmes at film site HeyYouGuys! titled “Harry Potter and the New Career Path: What Does the Future Hold for Radcliffe, Watson and Grint?” the stars of the series are given a lackluster vote of confidence in anticipation of the choices they are predicted to make for their future. However, it is Tom Felton that is the true star of the article, and is given the greatest vote of confidence based on the natural talent we’ve seen him exhibit on the screen.

To try and dissect and predict the future of the many other young actors who make up the Harry Potter cast is virtually impossible, with the films giving them barely enough time to fully showcase their talents. But if there was ever a young actor to watch, it would undoubtedly be Tom Felton. As Harry Potter’s nemesis Draco Malfoy, Felton has effortlessly gone from strength to strength as each new film has appeared. Even in The Philosopher’s Stone, when Felton had little to do except sneer and strut around with attitude, he possessed a screen presence which was highly impressive for a child.

There is a wonderful moment in The Chamber of Secrets where Malfoy asks why his friend Goyle is wearing suspiciously Harry Potter-esque glasses, to which Goyle replies that he needs them for reading. “I didn’t know you could read”, replies Felton with the deadpan skilfully line delivery of a true pro. Felton reached the pinnacle of his ability in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, playing the now confused and fearful Malfoy who is sinking deeper into the dark side and finding himself thoroughly unprepared for the consequences. Anyone wishing to sample a taste of Felton’s talents only needs to watch the shaky, sick desperation on his face as he finally faces up to the monumental prospect of killing Albus Dumbledore. The fact that Felton has an impressive four post-Potter titles to his name is testimony to the fact that he is the one to watch.

Shaking off childhood stardom is hard work. The Jodie Foster’s and Drew Barrymore’s of the world are rare, with the majority of young actors heading down the road to obscurity. Ultimately, a young star with acting talent has the opportunity to succeed and all the Harry Potter stars have proven their worth when it comes to ability. Let’s hope they use it wisely and next appear on our screens in worthy and exciting roles.

5 thoughts on “All Grown Up, Tom Felton Will Be the One to Watch

  1. I can solely give reason to this article, regarding the fact to have full confidence and trust into Thomas, when it comes to how he’ll handle his upcoming path, as his future is unfolding before his eyes.

    Yes,he’s the one to keep an eye upon, both onto the screen and out. Not only because of his talents, but also because of his humility, maturity and great heart.

    With Love,


  2. Tom is and will carry on to be an AMAZING actor! He has so much talent! W’ll be watching Tom on our screens for years to come :D!!!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! Lovely to see these accolades in print. Onscreen Draco had me from the first time we see him exit the train and he struts his stuff. I remember thinking that the young actor had this character down to the last degree.

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