First photos of Tom Felton from his last autograph session in Japan

Tom’s trip in Japan is coming to an end. Today he was at the Hotel Universal Port in Osaka.

We also have some new photos from the previous days. Parapon also uploaded to his blog the conversation between Tom and the actor Ryo Ishigami. With Google Toolbar you can make the page translated into your language.

Autograph Session at Gifu City Tower


Autograph Session – Cineprego (Shizuoka, Fujieda)




Welcome Party at the Sunroute Plaza Tokyo

Thanks to all for the beautiful photos and a special thanks to premiereport for so many photos of Tom. We’re looking forward to more photos.

You can see all new photos in our gallery here, here and here. Sure you’re wondering why the faces on some of the photos are cut out, the people who uploaded their photos with Tom, made that by themselve.

5 thoughts on “First photos of Tom Felton from his last autograph session in Japan

  1. LOLOLOL that “Sleep Well” one is just too cute. That baby’s going to look back on this and regret sleeping at the wrong time. But hey, who can say that “I fell asleep while taking pictures with Draco Malfoy”? That baby can!

  2. Loved all the pics! ^_^ Thanks to everyone and especially Feltbeats for them! ^_^

    P.S. The baby in the pic “sleep well” is so adorable! xD And if anyone’s cuter than him, it’s Tom! xD

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