Tom Felton says “Goodbye” to Japan

Tom left Japan today and our friends from Tom Felton News РJapan published a short report and a few photos from his departure. Thanks!

Tom went back to the UK.
Thank you for making our dreams come true, Tom!
Many fans including Hiro went to the airport today to say him good bye.

Tom left for his home. This time, he didn’t have much time and none of us could get his autograph. But in the last minute when he went down to the escalator, we waved our hands. And he blew a kiss to us!!

Meanwhile, Tom is already back in London and we’re hoping that he arrived safe at home.

3 thoughts on “Tom Felton says “Goodbye” to Japan

  1. I think than when we truly care about someone else, it’s normal to see the person off to the airport/train station to bid our goodbyes, until the next time comes around. And Thomas clearly appreciated the gesture coming from the Japanese Fans.

    With Love,


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