The paparazzi find Tom Felton golfing in Miami, Florida

Thanks to Twitter, we know Tom has now landed in warmer Florida and is vacationing there for New Year’s with girlfriend Jade.

As we informed you previously, yesterday Tom made a stop at one of his favorite places, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Tom tweeted that the trip was incredible. “It gets better every time! Can’t wait to come back AGAIN!” he said.

And not surprisingly, today the paparazzi found the couple today outside their Miami hotel and snapped a few quick photos.

Thanks Just Jared Jr. for this update!

Tom Felton sports a snug Titlest cap as he heads off for a round of golf in Miami, Florida on Thursday afternoon (December 30).

Joined by girlfriend, Jade Olivia, the 22-year-old actor enjoyed a game before turning right back around and heading back to Orlando!

“I love road trips!! drove to Orlando, so much junk food, so many good songs!! No London traffic!” Tom tweeted.

A few days earlier, Tom stopped by The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to say hi.

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13 thoughts on “The paparazzi find Tom Felton golfing in Miami, Florida

  1. I love Orlando and I can’t wait to go to Miami :)! In glad Tom is having fun there, though I am quite jealous 😉 I hope he continues to enjoy himself (and Jade) and I so can’t wait to go back!!!

    • Yes, Thomas is without doubt enjoying himself. I’ve never seen himm more relax before during some while on vacation. I fnd him even more assertive than to what he used us to previously, which is a good thing, from my point of view.

      With Love,


    • If my boyfriend got me out of bed at 5:30am to play golf while I was on vacation, Tom Felton or not I’d be annoyed too! By the way Jade rocks those glasses and hat!

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