Tom Felton & Jade: Kiss mishap in Miami

Thanks to Just Jared Jr., we have this cute pic of Tom & Jade while on vacation in Miami.

According to the website, the couple were saying goodbye for the day, and when they went in for a kiss – they had a bit of a mishap! (JustJaredJr described it as a “catastrophe” which I feel is a bit much! LOL!). Here is the details from Just Jared Jr.

Read more at the JustJaredJr website here, or on their Twitter account:

Tom Felton and Jade Olivia finally share a loving kiss as they meet up with friends and family outside the Fontainbleau Miami Beach in Florida on New Year’s Eve (December 31).

The couple had a bit of trouble with their hats when they wanted to say goodbye to each other for the day. Tom’s cap hit Jade in the eye, all while trying to get under her floppy one — ouch!

Tom tweeted, “getting ready to venture out! regretting getting up at 5am for golf, struggling to stay awake now! Happy New Year to everyone! Enjoy x”

Thanks Just Jared Jr. for the update!

Kiss mishap, step by step:

Also see coverage here in the Daily Mail.

25 thoughts on “Tom Felton & Jade: Kiss mishap in Miami

  1. Ouch! Oh, poor Tom and Jade 🙁 though, I am a little (a lot) jealous (of her)!
    Was fun, though, reading and writing this response while listening to If That’s Alright With You :D!!!

  2. AW Tom they just can’t leave you in peace can they you must hate the paps Most celebs do but you are too nice to kick up about it

  3. My Gosh! *lol*

    I guess than they both got into such a rush, that they’ve forgotten to remove their respective hats before biding each other goodbye for the day.

    I think this will be a kiss to remember, indeed! *lol*

    On the other hand, I’m happy they’re having good times with friends either side. It’s a healthy sign, I’d say.

    With Love,


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