Tom Felton is guest commentator on Sky1’s live coverage of the Golden Globes

Tom Felton has confirmed with that he will be on Sky1 at 11:30 PM GMT tonight as a guest on the Sky live coverage of the 68th Golden Globe Awards 2011.

Film critic Alex Zane anchors the event, and Tom will be one of a panel of three celebrity guests and experts back in the London studio who will be on hand to comment.

Although we’re not sure of the exact format of the show, we’re told Tom is scheduled to be there for 5 hours – so we should hopefully hear a lot from him! I can’t wait to hear Tom comment on the fancy lady’s dresses and shoes and so forth. 🙂

Thanks sarah32910 for screenshots!

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Also, we found this information, for those who might be able to record it in the UK:

Alex hosts Sky’s exclusive coverage of The 68th Annual Golden Globe® Awards this Sunday. It begins with the Golden Globes® Red Carpet Show at 11.30pm on Living HD before switching to Sky Movies Premiere HD at 1am for live coverage of the Golden Globes® Ceremony.

Please let us know if someone can record it! We have a few people who have told us they’ll try! Thanks!

12 thoughts on “Tom Felton is guest commentator on Sky1’s live coverage of the Golden Globes

  1. Ooh, the hair! The hair in this pic is fabulous, the best I’ve seen him. I hope someone tapes this fo Feltbeats, his parts are all we need, LOL

    • His haircut is kind of reminding me the one he’s got into KZF photoshoots, that he’s done about two years ago, now.

      I’m sure thomas’s been again a fantastic host commentator, we’ve seen it before.

      With Love,


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