Tom Felton’s appearance in “What’s my line?”

Last weekend BBC did in association with the Red Nose Day a 24 Hour Panel People – livestream with different shows and stars. In the show “What’s my line” at the very early Sunday morning, Tom had a appearance. Thanks to BBC Comedy, sionarnii and silverrock88  we’ve got some pics and a short compilation in written form of the quiz.

Some of the banter during the Tom Felton bit on What’s My Line:

Christopher Biggins: Are you a straight actor?

Tom: I think so

Holly Walsh: Do people consider you a heart throb?

Tom: No

David Walliams: Do people sometimes mistake you for the character?

Tom: Yes, all the time. Especially across the pond, they take things quite literally.

David Walliams: Well, they’re thick!

If somebody was able to record the show, please send us the video or simply the link. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s appearance in “What’s my line?”

  1. I can guarantee you that I am one of those on the other side of the pond & I don’t believe in you as your character. I believe you are an amazing actor with lots lots of talent. You are too smart for your own good with a big humungus heart with lots of sweetness. But I understand what you mean. 😀

  2. Yes, I agree with Samantha, BBC is able to surprise. And about your character, I think it’s only people’s thoughts. I still I liked the second photo, you’re on it very nice.

    With Love,


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