B105 Brisbane radio investigates Tom Felton doppelgangers

Tom Felton today had an interview with B105 Brisbane radio, which apparently inspired them to create a little photo gallery showing various stars who look like Tom Felton!

They compare him to Aaron Carter, Eminem, and James Dean! Not bad, Tom, not bad!

Another comparison with Aaron Carter.

Another Eminem comparison.

In the past, we’ve heard comparisons between Tom Felton and Tom McFly.

As well as Tom Felton and Ryan Gosling.

Some other suggested doppelfeltons:

Ryan Key
Paris Themmen
Jesse McCartney

What do you think? What’s your favorite Feltonclone?

8 thoughts on “B105 Brisbane radio investigates Tom Felton doppelgangers

  1. Never thought about Aaron Carter as a clone for Tom until today. It’s crazy how similar they look. If Aaron just had a British accent, they could pass for brothers! Lmao!

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