New Tom Felton interview: “2011 is going to be exciting”

Thanks to the awesome ThomasFeltonUK, we have this new article from Nine To Five, an Australian newspaper.

In the interview, Tom discusses the Potter movies and his future. Check it out!

Exclusive Interview: Tom Felton

With only a few months left until the release of “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2” the final chapter in The Harry Potter series, there is excitement being built around how the story will end for the much loved young wizard. And as Harry’s wand is drawn for the last time against the powers of evil, Felton talks about his experiences starring in the phenomenon that is the world of Harry Potter.

Obviously, you have dialogue and everything, but so much of your performance in the film has really kind of been in your expression in your eyes and on your face. Do you find that?
It’s so nice because Draco is such a well-written character. They’re all beautifully written characters, but he’s so defined, and I feel like there’s no hesitation when I’m playing him, which is so nice. I’m sure that’s over ten years of getting to know him, of course, as well. But, yeah, to me he’s a very defined character and a lot of the time, yeah. You don’t need the words and I’m very lucky, again, that we have such fantastic actors around me. Really, little effort was required. I had to do more not to laugh when Daniel and I were about two inches away. That was far more of a worry. We had great fun doing that.

Can you talk about working with David Yates, the director?
Sure. I mean, I owe everything to David. Before working on the sixth film, actually, I wasn’t even sure whether I wanted to do this, really, as a living, and he is well and truly embedded with a massive passion for film making. He’s the most enthusiastic man I’ve ever worked with and also the most gentle and approachable, which is really, really nice. But, to know that he’s actually been working now for basically a year solid without a break, literally, and he’s still so excited now to crack on with the next part. He really cares and it’s so nice to have that sort of passion on the set.

Is it always your experience to not see the movie until the premiere?
I like to. I really like to wait. There’s something so nice about the energy in the cinema, and how everyone kind of applauds when it comes on. The tune that’s played straight away shivers down my spine and I’m in there. Even I’m getting tingly thinking about it now, but it was really, really nice. I much prefer to watch it with everyone, most definitely.

How did you feel at the end of the movie?
I was blown away. It went before my eyes and someone told me it was two and a bit hours. It flew by, as far as I’m concerned. It felt like an hour to me and it really had such a lovely transition. It looked, visually, stunning, I thought; the stuff in the woods just looked so beautiful. And the acting was phenomenal, especially from Daniel, Rupert and Emma, I really thought, actually, especially Rupert. I love seeing Ron as this pissed off guy [Laughs] rather than this happy daffy guy. So, it was nice to see the actual conflict between the three of them and I think all three of them really shined.

Career-wise, what are you looking forward to? What would you like to do at this point?
Just to continue acting. I’ve been so grateful for the last 10 years and it would be wonderous to continue that. Obviously, it’s quite hard to go up when you start on Harry Potter. So, needless to say, it’s going to be a different style of project, whatever’s next, but I hope I can find something that I’m passionate about and that I can really sink my teeth into and put some of myself into. So, fingers crossed.

You think it will be more film or stage?
I really haven’t closed any doors. My eyes are wide-open to any opportunities out there right now that I find interesting. So, yeah, I mean, 2011’s going to be exciting. We’ll see what happens.

You were filming in The States recently. You’re filming something right now?
I just finished shooting something in New Orleans and independent film called From the Rough.

Can you talk about the differences between filming for that and a giant production like Harry Potter?
I can’t describe how different they really were. Polar opposites. Time is really what it is and money buys you time and the luxury that Warner’s had on this was 280 days, nearly 300 days to do two films, whereas we had twenty-one to do one film in From the Rough. I mean, in many ways that’s great because the energy of a scene stays there and you shoot that and then you just switch the camera around and you go that way, which is really nice rather than waiting four hours in between, but, equally, it’s so nice on Potter that you had such attention to detail and care and if it wasn’t right then they’d come back tomorrow and they’d shoot it again, whereas it’s very different in the real world. It’s very different because films are kept to a ridiculous schedule and they have to move on regardless of the quality. So, that’s always a bit of a concern and it was a real learning lesson for me there. No, 25 takes. You’ve got two. So get it right. [Laughs] And it was rather a wake-up call.

Can you tell us anything about From the Rough?
It’s based on a true story about a famous American coach who wants to bring some diversity to the school and so she hands out five golf scholarships to five internationals, a Korean chap, an Australian, a French Algerian, an American and a Brit, and I play the South Korean. [Laughs] I said that yesterday to a deadpan table. [Laughs] I said, ‘Just to confirm, I’m not playing the Korean. I’m the British guy, yeah.’ So, it was a lot of fun doing that, actually. I really enjoyed my time out there.

What kind of school was it?
Golf. Sorry I didn’t mention that. Yeah, golf. If it was Ballet or Tap Dancing I may have not been quite so keen to jump in.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1, will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, On Demand and for digital download on April 15.

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