Thousands line up to meet Tom Felton in Australia

Thanks to the lovely and talented @rotae, we have this cute little (shall we say diminutive?) article about Tom Felton at Supanova in Australia. They report that over two days more than 20,000 fans showed up at the show, and “most of them were there for one reason: Tom Felton.”

But what’s the deal with them calling him “diminutive”? I think in Australian that must mean “badass.” No other explanation.

Draco’s a Supa star attraction

MORE than 8000 popular culture fans poured through the gates at the RNA showgrounds yesterday for the Supanova convention.

And most of them were there for one reason: Tom Felton.

The diminutive Harry Potter star, who became a household name playing villain Draco Malfoy, had hundreds queuing for most of the day for him to scribble his name on their possessions.

Hamilton’s Bella Panettiere was one of the lucky fans who managed to brave the crowds for a quick chat.

“It was fantastic to meet him,” the 16-year-old said.

“He was so lovely and down to earth, he asked how I was and said how much he loved Brisbane. It’s great to know he is so committed to his fans.”

Bella and her friends waited more than 90 minutes to see him, which is much less time than fans would have spent on Saturday, with crowd numbers exceeding 15,000.

10 thoughts on “Thousands line up to meet Tom Felton in Australia

  1. Maybe they are all very tall Down Under? Whatever, writers love descriptive words to try and be importantly different from one another.

    • No were not tall. Im only 3.4 mind u im 12 yrs old 😛
      I hat to stand on a stool when i got my photo with tom at the supanova. PLUS he wrote lots of love draco <3 xxx on my poster!
      everyone else only got 1 x

  2. LOL. I took it to mean “thin” personally! XD As someone who only comes up to his eyes, he’s tall to me XDDD


  3. The more an artist is committed to his fans, the better. I also remarked the kinder the artist is, the most likely people are to do some gifts, like bringing over some sweets (I’ve seen it done not long ago elsewhere. Those following me on Twitter will understand what I mean).

    With Love,


  4. Oh, I know how Tom and his fans are loyal to each other! And I think it’s great when an actor so much time to the fans. Keep it up, Tom! I am sincerely happy for you!

    With Love,


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