Tom Felton talks to Sugarscape about life after Harry Potter

Last month Tom Felton gave SugarScape an interview. Now it’s published – enjoy it!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: part 1 is out on DVD this week – hurrah! We grabbed the opportunity to chat to Tom Felton about his life as Draco Malfoy, and what he’s planning on doing now that Harry Potter is coming to an end. *sniffle*

We thought – and we’re sure you’ll agree – that Tom was very charming. He’s clearly very clever, and likes to have a chat. Before the interview even began we were chatting away about coco pops and fat men on the train. It was fun.

He talks about how much being in Harry Potter has changed his life – and resulted in him being asked some ridiculous questions about Draco Malfoy…

…he tells us about how Alan Rickman is ALWAYS Snape, and about all the exciting stuff he’s got coming up now he’s finished with the Harry Potter franchise, including his music…

…he even talks about his dog. Which is, of course, lovely. We’re glad he shared.

And here is the video of the interview:

5 thoughts on “Tom Felton talks to Sugarscape about life after Harry Potter

  1. Waiting for the other films ><

    Good Work Sugarscape!

    I like the Watch(or wristband) on Toms left Arm <3

    5 Stars! *****

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