Tom Felton donated 2000 eggs for Japan and photos of the charity shirt

Today Sovjapan published on his site a report about this egg project.

Here are some latest updates of “the egg” project!
Attached are the photos related to the project – when the eggs were delivered to the refuge center.
You have our confirmation to use all the introduced photos and the report below in BOLD:

The eggs that Tom prepared were delivered to Rikuzen-Takata area in the Iwate prefecture – one of the most damaged areas from the quake and tsunami.
The eggs were delivered by a person called “DJ Kousaku” who is also a leader of a volunteer group named “Marugomi”.
(DJ Kosaku – the person with the red hat in all the photos)
He set up a base at the temple, which could be seen in the photo and from there, the eggs were delivered to refuge centers and to the local people who did not choose to stay at the center as there houses were still there so that at least they could live in there.
(*IMP0011 – I understand that it doesn’t look much like a temple, but this is since the photo was taken in the residential quarter of the temple)
What we heard from the local people was that they appreciated this very much since they had no such chance to eat enough proteins including eggs.
Also, the local people were also overwhelmed to hear that Tom had cared so much about a faraway town in Japan.
We had a chance to talk to the leader (in his 30’s) at one of the refuge center, who had introduced himself to us as an ex-leader of a motorcycle gang.
Now, he is doing physically heavy work in place of the older people.
However, a few days before the volunteer group’s visit, his younger sister had been found out of the wrecks, dead.
Still, he said that as a leader of the refuge center, he is doing his utmost to face forward with a smile.

In the suffering areas, there are more small and un-noticed refuge centers which the government could not have been able to reach out to.
For these small refuge centers and local houses where people still reside in, all we can count on is to the volunteer groups.
Currently, the volunteers’ help is huge and vital.

This report was brought back to us from DJ Kosaku – who had actually helped to deliver the eggs to the local areas.

Again, as a same fellow Japanese, we appreciate Tom’s concern and all the other fans and people around the world who care.
Though it may be little by little, I just hope the situation would get better each day…

Thanks to his daughter Kayo for the translation.

By the way, here are photos of the shirt from the charity project by Tom and Sovjapan.

If you want to support the project, then order a shirt and send an email to

More infos here:

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