Feltbeats.com Presents: “Hawaii” Weekend

It sounds nice, right? Hawaii Weekend!

Well, it might not be quite as nice as a real Hawaii Weekend, but we’re sure excited anyway!

To promote Tom’s upcoming album, “Hawaii,” Feltbeats.com has planned a series of activities to build up momentum for the final release on Monday!

EXCLUSIVE TOM FELTON INTERVIEW: Sometime soon, we hope to have an awesome fan Q&A interview with Tom Felton. Fans from all over the world on Twitter gave us questions to ask Tom about his new album, and we’re going to ask him as many as we can! It will be a blast!

HAWAII”/HP TRIVIA CONTEST: To promote both Tom’s album AND the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I on DVD/Blu-Ray, we’re having a fun trivia contest on Sunday.

We’ll give you a fun and actually quite revealing trivia question related to Tom’s new album, “Hawaii.” True fans should be able to guess it! We’ll ask you to e-mail us with your answers, and those who get the right answer will be entered into a drawing to win the DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack!

The DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack is a $35 value and features a DVD of the movie, and two Blu-Ray discs featuring the movie in enhanced mode, and a disc with tons of special features, such as:

  • Maximum Movie Mode
  • The seven Harrys
  • On the green with Rupert, Tom, Oliver, and James
  • Dan, Rupert, and Emma’s running competition
  • Additional scenes
  • Behind the soundtrack

So watch out for Sunday when we’ll post the question and take your answers! Obviously, once the song comes out on Monday the contest is over (because you’ll all know the answers!).

Anyone is eligible to enter, as long as you can provide me your physical address so I can mail you the package. (Thanks Warner Brothers for providing the DVD package.)

“HAWAII” LAUNCH PARTY: We’re trying to find out when exactly the song will be posted. As soon as we know, we’ll announce our launch party! Basically, we’ll all get together in the Feltbeats.com chat room and wait for the song to be posted. Then, we’ll go buy it (unless you’ve pre-ordered it, of course!), download it, and listen to it together!

We’ve done this with previous album releases, but we never knew the actual time the songs would be posted to iTunes, so we always just sat there all night hoping. This time we should have a better idea! 🙂

“HAWAII” LYRICS REVEAL: When the album goes out on Monday, we will have Tom-Felton-approved lyrics to post! In previous years, we’ve spent hours in the chat room trying to decipher Tom’s accent. We had to consult with SEVERAL British people about slang and spelling. It was so tedious (LOL, not really – it was a blast! Love you, Becca!). But this time there will be no question. Tom will reveal all. 🙂

That’s it! Phew! Please stay tuned and we’re going to have a fun weekend!

Click here to pre-order so you’re ready for Hawaii Weekend!

4 thoughts on “Feltbeats.com Presents: “Hawaii” Weekend

  1. This all better not happen while I’m at school >.<

    But other than that. It sounds super exciting and I'm super excited. WEEEE all to overwhelming 😀

  2. oh my!
    I hope its early were i live!
    I just love Tom Felton!
    So excited for the album! 😀

    Its going to be a amazing weekend!! can’t wait!! 😀

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