17 thoughts on “More photos of Tom Felton from his spa weekend

  1. The beautiful two ladies in the last photo totally steal Tom the show! 😉 Have to say I really take to Jade’s casual look there, she looks very easygoing and lovable.

  2. Ahhh, why is not me in the pictures with he?hehehe
    He is so beautiful! I’m jealous! Hehehehe, Tom is perfect, beautiful and friendly for what say, it is!

  3. I don’t care about Tom is in a spa, or in what he spend his money.I only want to know about his songs and him. ok?

    • I get what you’re saying, but this is actually news coverage of Tom.

      1. This spa stuff and the hotel story was actually in the local Suffolk newspaper – and we cover news about Tom, so it meets that criteria.

      2. These are nice new pictures of Tom, and in general we like to share new pictures of Tom if they are public or if we have permission. =)

      If we had just found out he went to the spa, and it had no news coverage and no photos, we wouldn’t post it.

      Unless it was funny, like when he got a massage and he felt uncomfortable that they massaged his butt. Hahaha. C’mon, isn’t that worth posting?

      Erm, sorry.

      • I definately agree with you Misha. This is exactly the kind of stories i like, its about Tom’s personal life and I love seeing him with Jade. It’s nice the way he’s so in love and not ashamed to tell the world.

  4. I love news about Jade, I wish she had her own fansite. She’s so pretty and seems nice. She’s a great role model

    • “Great role model?” Ehm…You never heard anything from her in your life… Let’s build her a statue..
      Some people can go over the top…

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