Tom Felton celebrates girlfriend’s birthday with beautiful hotel weekend and spa treatment

We all thought Tom was a great boyfriend, and now we have proof! It seems the gentlemanly Tom went all-out for his girlfriend Jade’s birthday, which took place a few weeks ago.

First, we have an article from the Bury Free Press about Tom and Jade’s stay at the Ravenwood Hall in Suffolk, who was proud to host the couple the weekend. Then we have a nice article from SK spa, also in Suffolk, about the lovely day they shared at the spa.

Harry Potter Star Enjoys Magical Spa Experience

SK has gained another celebrity fan after a visit from actor Tom Felton.

Tom is most famously known for his portrayal of Draco Malfoy in the film series based on the internationally acclaimed Harry Potter books. Tom and his girlfriend, model and actress, Jade Olivia, took time out of their busy schedules to enjoy a range of relaxing and therapeutic treatments at SK in celebration of Jade’s 25th birthday.

During their time spent at SK, Tom and Jade enjoyed a variety of different professional spa treatments, including relaxing body and Indian head massages, rejuvenating facials and healing reflexology. To make their intimate spa day even more romantic, the couple experienced their spa treatments together in SK’s specially designed dual treatment room.

Jade was already a big fan of Pevonia Botanica, the professional skincare line used by SK: “I have been using the Pevonia Ligne Tropicale De-Aging Body Balm, which smells good enough to eat and just feels amazing on my skin. I am a strong advocate of organic and natural products; I am really pleased to have tried more products in the Pevonia range, they are just amazing.”

Tom met Jade on the set of one of the Harry Potter films when she was working as a stunt co-coordinators’ assistant and they have been together for over three years. Tom remarked, “I wanted to arrange a special spa treat to celebrate Jade’s birthday, and I would really like to thank the lovely team at SK for taking such good care of us. The treatments were all wonderful and this was just what we both needed!”

SK’s Director Daniela Chandler says, “It is always a pleasure to look after high profile guests at SK, especially when they are as delightful as Tom and Jade. As a company, we pride ourselves in having created the perfect spa environment where each and every one of our guests can feel completely relaxed and welcome and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I look forward to watching Tom on the big screen in the next few months and hope it won’t be too long before they will both have the opportunity to come back and enjoy more time with us at the spa.”

Read the full article here.

Draco’s magical visit to Ravenwood

SLYTHERIN school bully Draco Malfoy ditched Hogwarts to relax in the calmer magical surroundings of Ravenwood Hall.

Actor Tom Felton, who plays Draco in the Harry Potter films, visited Ravenwood with girlfriend model/actress Jade Olivia over Easter to celebrate her 25th birthday.

It was an extra wedding day treat for Danielle Jarvis, the niece of hotel owner Craig Jarvis, who married partner Johnny Crick and had a picture taken with their surprise guest.

“The family atmosphere at Ravenwood Hall made it feel like a home from home,” said Tom. “

Our stay was the perfect way to enjoy all that the countryside has to offer.”

Mr Jarvis said: “I am delighted that Tom and Jade chose to celebrate such a special weekend with us at Ravenwood Hall.

“They are a lovely friendly couple.

“My daughters are big Harry Potter fans, so it was a real treat for them to meet Tom and have a photograph taken with him..”

Ravenwood Hall has already played host to a number of celebrity guests including X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke and The Hairy Bikers.

Meanwhile, you can find out what happens to Draco, Harry and Voldemort when the final instalment, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two, is released on July 15.

Read the full article here.

14 thoughts on “Tom Felton celebrates girlfriend’s birthday with beautiful hotel weekend and spa treatment

  1. Looks like that Jade and I do have a common point, after all: so I’m in favor of natural and organic products, excepted than I’m not using the same brand as hers, tough.

    With Love,


  2. I think Tom well rested! I am sincerely happy for Tom and Jade! I’ve heard a lot about this spa center say that there are very nice and cozy:)

    With Love,


  3. Yes, beacause most of the models are beautiful 🙂 But otherwise she’s very skinny ..
    but she did it right..if i were his Girlfriend, i would always spend ALL his money :

  4. Happy Birthday Jade, to be beautiful and happy is always a favorite. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. I did not want to offend anyone.
    Some people like to distort facts, but I do not like this. She is coordinator of the stunts, the actress a bit,but she is not a model!!!

    She is cute and I’m happy for them)

  6. Yeah, she’s only 24. And, she has done modeling before, so I guess she can be called a model, though she wouldn’t say that was her ‘job.’

  7. Hahaha you deleted my comment just as I expected. Really if you don’t want people to post some unpleasant remarks, what’s the point of giving comment box? I admit that the last part of my comment was a bit offensive, but hey that’s my opinion. It’s a free country, is it not? You should know that not everyone is going to have a nice conment. When there are positive comments, there will always be negative comments too. My point is, obviously you rejected negative comment and just want some wonderful and sugarcoated comment, it’ll be better if you just disable the comment box. Certainly you can’t receive bad opinion. Common knowledge! You should appreciate and received whole-heartedly other’s comment, good or not.

    I don’t intend on mocking you but merely stating the fact.

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