Official video of Tom Felton from Wizard World and more

Wizard World (Big Apple Comic Con) uploaded their own video from the panel with Tom.

BUT we have many more videos, because TheHauntedtoilet, boushh2187 (look at updates), NarcissaABlack, and AccioDylan uploaded a lot of videos. Click on the name and you will be redirected to their YouTube accounts.

We also uploaded more photos of Tom from the weekend in our gallery. Click here to see them.

Wirzard World poster with a message from Tom. Thanks to gleekindor for saving this.

3 thoughts on “Official video of Tom Felton from Wizard World and more

    • He kept saying “‘ello my lovely! what can I do for you my lovely?” when I was getting an autograph and I was all jazzed till the Q&A – when I saw that he called pretty much everyone that! LOL!

  1. Oh, Tom was funny, I especially remember the phrase: “I’m Bond, James Bond, ” I think the fans were very happy that you responded to their questions:)

    With Love,


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