Tom Felton in Empire Magazine’s Harry Potter: The Ultimate Collection: The Enemy

Thanks to our lovely Rotae for tweeting the links to these absolutely fantastic scans from Empire Magazine’s Harry Potter: The Ultimate Collection.

According to their site:

36 pages of spellbinding content

Empire has spent six months travelling the globe to shoot and interview EVERYONE involved in the making of an eight-movie phenomenon for our unmissable collectors’ celebration. Free with the next issue of Empire, make sure you don’t miss out – this will sell out fast!

– Never-before-seen on-set pictures!
– Incredible, intimate shoots with all of Hogwarts’ finest.
– Amazing personal memories and unheard stories.
– Cinema’s biggest franchise – our biggest world’s exclusive.
– Every Harry Potter movie celebrated!
– Everyone interviewed!
– The perfect farewell!

Thanks to Marissa for the scan.

Here is Tom’s spread:

The magazine post reads:

It’s disconcerting to meet Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs in the flesh. On screen, they so embody the nasty, conniving Draco and Lucius Malfoy that it’s positively disorienting to find them both charming. “Lucius is a delicious character; I could play him forever,” smiles Isaacs. “There were so many layers to peel back. Tom has to evolve as well – you see him unshackle himself from the man I’ve tried to make him, which is quite inspiring.”

“I’m hoping by the end of it you really feel quite bad for the kid,” says Felton. “Daniel and I have often talked about being two sides of a coin: Harry with all the great influences, and Draco trying to fight the fact that his parents couldn’t be a worse influence, let alone Auntie Bellatrix.” But how’s their twisted little family in real life? “He has been literally quite like a father,” grins Felton. “He took me under his wing from a very young age, he taught me probably more than anyone on the set.”

Isaacs, meanwhile, has nothing but praise for his on-screen son. “Tom is already a magnificent actor, but he always wants to learn and discuss what he’s doing – as do I, by the way. I’ve watched him mature into a really sophisticated storyteller. It’s been great.”

And another scan from Dear Darkness.

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  1. Looks amazing. I’d love to pre-order a copy, but for some reason it won’t work. Maybe it’s a US-UK ordering malfunction. Anyway, this does sell in the states, right? I simply must have a copy!

  2. Oh I need a copy! I love them!
    … This is one of the reasons I love, you get updates on everything Tom Felton! 😀 it seems everytime I get on here there is something new and I love it! 😀

  3. Oh, it’s so cute! And I think that mutual understanding between the actors is the most important. This is a very big success, Tom! I am sincerely happy for you:)

    With Love,


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