Tom Felton finally heading to Brazil!

So I remember when I started, I was immediately inundated by fans from Brazil asking me about when Tom Felton would visit there! I was constantly hearing about Brazil, so at the first opportunity I got to interview Tom, I asked about it.

FeltBeats: It seems to me that, you know, you’ve got lots of fans in the U.S. and in the U.K., but I’ve had lots of people tell me that you’re big in Brazil. They’ll say, “Oh yeah, Tom Felton is the bomb in Brazil.”

Tom Felton: Really?

FB: Especially in terms of Harry Potter, I’m told you’re like the most popular actor in Brazil.

TF: Oh! Well, rock on! That’s the place I need to go! Yeah, I’d fancy that.

And now, finally, Tom has announced via Twitter that he’ll be visiting!!

i have some exciting news for all HP fans in …………………..BRAZIL! x

Just got the word that in July 2011, i will be finally coming to BRAZIL!! I CAN’T WAIT!

Amazing! Congrats to Brazil!!!

5 thoughts on “Tom Felton finally heading to Brazil!

  1. Lucky Brazil! 🙁 I wonder when he’ll come to India 🙁 You’re pretty popular in India too Mr. Felton!!!!! Even among the girls who are not familiar with Draco I bet!

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