Feltbeats artist @Rotae liveblogs the Supanova Q&A session with Tom Felton

The lovely and extremely talented Rotae is well-known for being the artist of the Feltbeats logo and various Tom Felton-related artwork, but you may not know that she is also Australian and attended the Supanova event that Tom Felton is currently showcasing

In addition to getting an exclusive interview with Tom for Feltbeats (which we should see in the next day or two), Rotae was also kind enough to live-blog the Q&A event earlier today. If you’re not already following her on Twitter (and why aren’t you!) here is her coverage of the event:

At the @TomFelton panel, waiting for the previous panel to finish! I’ll hopefully be tweeting throughout 🙂

@TomFelton said he hasn’t seen the Hawaii clips yet, but looks forward to it, btw. And if his bathroom picture is going to be of his infamous downstairs toilet, then he’d love to but it’d have to wait until his award gets engraved, which is about four months! :O

@TomFelton hasn’t seen any of DH2

@TomFelton says thank you so much for the warm welcome 🙂

@TomFelton It’s hard to pick a favorite moment, the last year was very emotional, and it’s bittersweet.

@TomFelton thinks it’s awesome how many people have been inspired by HP. He’s read a few fanfics. He mentions H/D and the crowd goes nuts.

@TomFelton says you don’t realise how big the thing you’re in is b/c you’re in it. You have to go elsewhere to see it.

@TomFelton says Draco has many wonderful lines. Gets requests for “Potter”, and “My father will hear about this”.

@TomFelton won’t bleach his hair again if he can help it.

@TomFelton says it feels like coming out of school after Potter. He’s going to continue on doing what he loves.

@TomFelton Draco got slightly slimier and gittyer (?) as the films go on.

@TomFelton DH2 had a different feel to it. Jokes and Dan and Rupert were weeping. Says he said goodbye and ran away XD

@TomFelton Didn’t finish the Potter Musical. He’s going to check it out on the way to Perth.

@TomFelton would like to play James Bond VILLAIN. Enjoys playing a character that’s apart from himself.

@TomFelton gets geeky in cycles. Watches things over and over again.

@TomFelton thinks Draco/Hermione and Draco/Harry are both a bit unbelievable.

@TomFelton had a Latin tutor for HBP, and his grandfather corrected them!

@TomFelton says James and Oliver Phelps were troublemakers on set.

@TomFelton does a swish and a flick with a fan’s wand for her.

@TomFelton says he thinks Pansy was a bit of a fling.

@TomFelton has been educated about the Harry Potter Alliance and Wizard Rock. Thinks it’s great. Has spoken to @datm [Draco and the Malfoys Wizard Rock band].

@TomFelton says that being bad in PotA wasn’t too difficult after Draco, but Draco has more sides to him.

@TomFelton says he wore a brace in CoS, and he couldn’t get the line out, and cried, the director said it was fine, but it got cut.

@TomFelton says he hasn’t feared for his life from fans, but has feared for other parts including his hair.

@TomFelton’s favourite HP character is Lockhart.

@TomFelton wouldn’t do Adrenaline Junkie again. Says he didn’t want to bunjee jump, buy was forced into it and loved it.

@TomFelton says he must have been tipsy when he tweeted about posting the photo of his bathroom! XD

@TomFelton saw his brother in Melbourne and says it’s no mystery as to why he stayed for 6 years.

@TomFelton jokes it’s an act when he’s nice.

@TomFelton’s nasty face came scarily easy.

@TomFelton says Draco’s development made him nervous because he had to act with Rickman and Gambon. Credit to Yates.

@TomFelton would love a wand. But he would love a broomstick because he spends so much time in traffic and it’s Eco-friendly.

@TomFelton listens to music in cycles. Currently on Green Day and The Cat Empire – hopes to see them live. The Beatles, Rolling Stone.

@TomFelton has no idea where he would be if he wasn’t acting. Something creative, enjoys writing and guitar.

@TomFelton says Slytherin buys you more room to move. He’d be a nice Slytherin.

@TomFelton is terrified of snakes and spiders. Thinks the Australian Death Adder is the nastiest name ever! “No one wants to hang with him!”

@TomFelton says that two kids letters to Hogwarts would be on the way if they worked hard at school 🙂

@TomFelton thinks his fame is strange and did acting for fun. He was in drama clubs and made ‘terrible scenes’ with his brother on camera.

@TomFelton says he was lucky not to leave his Muggle school. Awkward with bleach blonde hair. His school friends care less now about his job now than they did at school.

And that’s it! All done 😀 Hopefully have my interview up tonight 🙂

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