The ultimate Drarry moment: Harry rescuing Draco from the blazing Room of Requirement

Yes, it is the ultimate Drarry (cannon) moment, when Harry Potter rescues Draco Malfoy from the magical flames of the Room of Requirement.

Unfortunately it is not a great screenshot – it is a photo of my TV, which I paused while watching So You Think You Can Dance?” The footage of this scene is only about a half-second long, but I know Draco Malfoy flying at me on Harry’s back when I see it!

If anyone knows this commercial, or has a better shot of this momentous moment, please send it in!

Thanks to @masterofmystery, the ultimate authority on all photos and videos for Harry Potter, I now have the link to the commercial that ran during “So You Think You Can Dance?”

And here is a better screenshot:

90 thoughts on “The ultimate Drarry moment: Harry rescuing Draco from the blazing Room of Requirement

      • Oh my fucking god. WHY do you feel it necessary to scroll down and reply to every sane person’s comment pertaining to Drarry–which is what this whole page is actually about–and taint it with your “Dramione is the best!” shit? I GET IT. You’re a Dramione fan, and I respect that pairing even if I don’t ship it. But I am rapidly losing respect for its shippers if they’re all like you. I ship Drarry hard and I always will. It is the pairing I choose to support, and all I ask is that some people try to respect that. I’m sure some people on this page would agree. If you read this and are able, please delete your comments. Dramione fans–please just go read some fanfics and let the Drarry people support our ship in peace.

        Keep Calm & Drarry On, y’all!

  1. hahaha it looks like they’re having a certain kind of fun on that broomstick haha but I prefer Draco to be passive lol Drarry is real u.u

  2. It looks like Draco is only holding on to him with his right arm. Is he holding something in his left? Or maybe he’s – OMG – HURT?!?! *faints*

    When does this movie open again??!?!?!

    ps gif action, if you dig tumblr:

  3. I can’t wait to see the movie,but Anita,I’m soooooo tired of people making videos of Draco and Harry being a couple and doing it,it’s so annoying,plus it’s gross

  4. It appears so quickly in that ad that you almost miss it. That’s certainly how I feel whenever I watch it anyway. Not even gonna lie. Definitely looking forward to this specific moment. Drarry fans will go crazy in theatres everywhere! lol

  5. It’s a bit unprofessional to say this is “the ultimate Drarry (canon) moment”. Because Drarry is anything but canon. Not everyone is a fan of it also, I come here for news about Tom Felton, not to listen to you swoon over the two of them together.

  6. This is a web about Tom news right? and Harry Potter news don’t destroy it posting things that are a completely a rubbish. Felbeats respect more Harry Potter and Jk Rowling and don’t post more rubbish. Harry Potter is a a fantastic film and I love it, so I will defend it forever, don’t make fun of it, Tom Felton needs more importance and more respect that this web is not giving. And giving more importance to other rubbish and shit that all Harry Potter fans doesn’t want to know. More respect when you are talking about HARRY POTTER FILMS.

    • What the hell are you going on about?

      First off, learn some proper grammar. If anything is rubbish, it’s your butchering of the English language.

      Second, you do know that Tom supports Drarry, right?

  7. Tom himself said that Dramione and Drarry is ‘a bit unbelievable. So Please: Let this Stuff out of this Page. There a different Meanings about this and me will not read this ‘Out of Character’ – Scum
    Thank you very much.

    • Dramione is incredible,amazing, awesome,beautiful, fantastic,wonderful, you can see love in them since that they were little, but Drarry is a shit to destroy Harry Potter films. I respect Jk Rowling decisions and I respect Harry Potter. You Feltbeats if you love Tom Felton and Harry Potter don’t post rubbish, because this is a rubbish. I don’t care that Tom says

      • Hey, what do ya know, an ACTUAL DRARRY SHIPPER!!!!! Thought they were becoming a rare species by now…


  8. Of course Tom knows that Dramione is better and more unbelievable that this shit!!! DRAMIONE IS A WONDERFUL LOVE AND HARRY POTTER FILMS ARE THE BEST!!! MORE RESPECT!!

  9. Hopefully the Admins of this Page change the Title, if not the Databank will explode <<
    The Discussion of this 'Drarry anf Dramione'- Shit is endless. One Side likes it, the other not.(Like me)

  10. And if you think Dramione is totally wonderful, but Darry is a horrible, disgusting insult to the series… hmm.. I wonder why a person would think that way. Because they’re… an effing HOMOPHOBE?

    (I read and write both. I’m ambidextrous.)

    • First, that`s not what ambidextrous means, second, Dramione is just better, because HARRY WOULD NEVER LIKE DRACO!!! It`s just true! They stop being enemies during the battle of Hogwarts, because the whole school united to fight Voldemort. And even then Draco still went to Voldy`s side so he wouldn`t get Avada Kedavra`d. Hermione at least has a basis for liking Draco, he may be mean, but he`s in pain. Harry on the other hand blames Draco for what he did. And disliking the most random yaoi pairing in existence is not homophobia. And NOWHERE in the books does it imply that Harry has feelings for Draco or vice versa. Dramione is not “totally wonderful”, it`s just an interesting ship. Like Drapple. I don`t write icky, mushy fanfiction about how “sweet” Hermione and Draco are together. I dislike those too. I simply think that it would be a fun conspiracy if Draco and Hermione were shipped together, if only for a while. And honestly, I think Dramione would piss off Lucius more. XD

  11. DRAMIONE IS BETTER!!! Draco and Hermione forever. I respect Jk Rowling and I support that she decides Ron and Hermione finally and I love Harry and Ginny, they are a brave couple with a lot of energy. I only say that Dramione has better stories, Hermione is intelligent,brave and amazing and Draco is bad, a fool cockcroach , a deatheater, but together are awesome.♥ DRAMIONE ♥ GINNY AND HARRY ♥ THE BEST Nothing more to say. I won’t talk more about this rubbish.


    Sincerely a big Draco/Hermione Fan.

    And stop the bloody hatred towards Jade. It’s pathetic.


    Sincerely a big Draco/Hermione Fan.

    And stop the bloody hatred towards Jade. It’s pathetic.

    (sorry it’s two, I didn’t know how to delete the first one)

  14. I am with SweetSpeepless, LOL. People who hate Drarry are often homophobic and narrow-minded. Nothing against Dramione, but Drarry is a very popular ship for a reason 🙂

  15. Ha! Even though I’m NOT a Drarry fan that’s pretty darn awesome! If I was a Drarry fan, there would be lots of fanfic writing inspiration in that shot!!!

    *whispers* Drinny 4 Eva *runs from room*

  16. Here’s the thing.
    This IS technically news. It’s the posting of the commercial that ran during So You Think You Can Dance, which not all of us have had the privilege of seeing yet. It’s news to me!
    The reason Drarry fans have been mentioned is because the Drarry fans HAVE been wanting to see this, and it’s basically the closest to “canon” we’re going to get in the series. THAT is what the poster meant. I’ve heard many Drarry fans talking about that scene (I, myself, am a Drarry fan!), it really is something we’ve wanted to see in the movie. And if you don’t have access to a television or regularly look up things like this, it’s nice to have confirmation that the scene is still included in the movie.

    And, for the record…Dramione is a completely valid ship. I respect the ship, I can definitely see why they’d be a lovely couple.
    But no where in this post does it mention Dramione. There is absolutely no reason for Dramione shippers to comment with hate on this post. You want to ship Dramione? Then go ship it, instead of wasting your time on things like this. You’re making your ship look bad. If this is how Dramione shippers handle other ships, then I’m quite happy not to be a member of that fandom, and I can definitely see why some people are scared to go into the fandom.

    Please grow up, realize that not everyone ships the same thing, and appreciate the commercial and screenshot that are posted. Not necessarily for Drarry – Merely because it is a Draco scene. Regardless of what you ship, enjoy the scene and commercial.

    And if you’re going to troll, please do it in a semi-intelligent way. Those comments were a bit painful to read.

    • Agreed! Thank you! You spared me from writing a similar reply!

      We all love Harry Potter, shouldn’t that be enough?

      • This is technically stupid and a rubbish. MORE RESPECT TO HARRY POTTER FILMS WHEN YOU ARE TALKING NEWS ABOUT IT. THIS IS A PAGE ABOUT TOM FELTON AND HIS SONGS AND HARRY POTTER NOT ABOUT TO TALK ABOUT NOTHING REFER ABOUT I SHIP OR YOU SHIP. And it’s unprofessional the way that you talk about the new scenes of this last Harry Potter film.

        • @Amanda: When it refers to people who might be interested in the content, that IS professional. Many Drarry fans would like to see the screenshot – It referred to them because the post is meant to be seen, and to be mentioned grabs their attention.
          It’s not unprofessional. Unprofessional would be stating that one ship was better than the other – Which, you’ll notice, no one but those who have commented have done.

          It’s more unprofessional and disrespectful to spam with unnecessary caps.

          It’s not “technically stupid.” You might need a dictionary if you think it is.
          How is the way I referred to the new scenes at all unprofessional? For one, I don’t run this site. I am in no way affiliated with this site. I have no need to be professional to you, honestly. The way I typed out my comment was done with common courtesy, not professionalism.
          For two…No, seriously. What? When I mentioned the scene, I mentioned that fans of Drarry have been wanting to see it, that it’s nice to see it in the movie, and that it should be enjoyed regardless of what people ship. That is not at all unprofessional or disrespectful.

          By the way, rubbish is trash. My comment was not “technically stupid and a rubbish.” It wasn’t trash. It was stating something very clearly. What’s rubbish is that you insist on using words you seem to know nothing about, you insist on using capitalized letters that don’t need to be there, and you insist on berating those who disagree with you.

          It doesn’t matter what you ship, or what I ship, or what anyone ships. You’re correct, this site is meant to be for Tom, his music, and the Harry Potter series. Drarry was only mentioned because the poster knew that Drarry fans have been wanting to see the screenshot/scene, it was a way of notifying them and announcing it. It is not something to get up in arms about.

          And, honestly…If you think the site or post is unprofessional, why not just state that and be done with it? By continuously spamming and trolling, you’re only making yourself look bad. Please grow up.

          • Grow up you!!! Nobody thinks like you.I ship Dramione and don’t post Dramione not? This website is only about Tom Felton and Harry Potter I repeat. And I only want to see Harry Potter news told with properly because I’m a Harry Potter fan. And it’s not a “Drarry moment” I have read the book and Harry only is saving Draco’s life. Oh my god. You are an exaggerated. Nothing more to say.

    • THIS.

      I don’t think I have anything to add.

      Personally I totally ship Drarry and my fangirlish mind sees it as canon, too, and I respect all Dramione shippers even though I just can’t see it happening.

      I just don’t get why some of those Dramione shippers have to come here bash this article and Drarry and people who ship it. Like Macki said, this isn’t just for Drarry shippers, but for all Tom and Potter fans, so why are you complaining? Why can’t you just enjoy it despite your hatred towards Drarry?

      To Amanda, grow up, please? This IS about Harry Potter and Tom, Drarry was just mentioned because some people (like me) wanna think of Harry saving Draco’s life as a Drarry moment. What does it matter to you? Just ignore it and ship what you want and let others do the same, okay?

  17. Just leave the discussion at that this screenshot was for Drarry shippers. If you didn’t like it or thought it was rubbish or unprofessional. WHY COMMENT?!! Keep the nasty comments to yourself. I’m not a big fan of Drarry but i am of Dramione. But am i say shiz to start a cyberfight. NO. So just leave the amazing admins of Feltbeats to do their stuff and don’t complain. I don’t think many of you can ev

  18. Alright I find this absolutely ridiculous. Why is everyone complaining about the imaginary couple called “Drarry”? We all know how it ends. Draco ends up with Astoria Greengrass and Harry winds up with Ginny. This is how J.K. Rowling wrote the books and that will never change. Dramione will NEVER happen. So why bother? But then again Feltbeats should not post events with Drarry as the subject without including Dramione too, just to be fair and avoid making people angry.

  19. I ship Drarry. Not Dramione. personally I think it makes more sense *shrug*

    However unlike a lot of these people I wouldn’t purposely be mean about the dramione ship because I know how people are defensive in their ships (like me :D) So please stop being mean to us Drarry shippers. Thanks.

  20. You know what, Dramione shippers, please gtfo and stop posting hateful comments about the ship I choose to support. I for one don’t criticize your ship, although I might start if you guys continue to criticize mine. And if you don’t like Drarry, why are you looking at/commenting on this page? Go read some Dramione fanfics or something, please, and let us Drarry fans get back to steering our ship. 🙂

  21. This Drarry/dramione debate has been going on for WAAAYYY too long. I personally ship them both, my fangirl mind just works that way. This page IS about Drarry, though. So I agree with the post above^^^, just butt out of the way so the drarry fans can fangirl without interference. Thanks!

  22. I spent ten minutes reading all of these comments, and it was at the top of my list of ‘most ridiculous things’ I’ve been shipping drarry for nine years and i have never felt the need to shove it in someone’s face. I actually started fanfiction as a dramione reader but have fallen deeply for drarry and it is my OTP. SHUT UP, DRAMIONE SHIPPERS, and find another site to go on and leave other shippers alone. Thanks!

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