Draco delivers: Tom Felton hands out pizza to starving New York Potter fans

You probably didn’t need any more reason to be a Tom Felton fan. His incredible acting skills, amazing musical gifts and bubbly charm have probably already done their number on you.

But instead of just leaving it at that, Tom has to go and pull a stunt like this: He delivered pizzas to starving Potter fans who had been camping out for the New York premiere for days!

As @NYCPotterheads tells it:

@TomFelton thanks so much for the pizza! U rly do love your fans! After 6 days we were hungry! See u tomorrow!

See that? They were STARVING for 6 days, and Tom fed them.

From paulette osorio.

From steal her eye

14 thoughts on “Draco delivers: Tom Felton hands out pizza to starving New York Potter fans

  1. Wow, that is so cute, lol i have always been a tom fan, but seriously, that is just not something that i’ve heard many famous people would do… Wish i was there. lol 🙂

  2. And four for you, Tom Felton, you go Tom Felton!

    I can’t imagine Draco ever delivering pizzas unless they has some sort of prank in them, but Tom is such a sweetie to Harry Potter fans!

    • hahahahaha that was the funniest post ever! but if he could he’d get like 4,000 candy canes… I can’t believe how nice this guy is, honestly!

  3. I AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW’d out loud seeing this. Tom Felton, you are amazing. Or if this was thought out by his publicist, whoever you are, you’re amazing too. Props to whoever thought this out. <33333333333

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  5. awwwww!!!! that is sooooo nice of him! not many people would do this sort of thing, and it’s amazing that he really cares that much about his fans.

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