Next Round of Video Haul In – Tom Felton on the NYC Red Carpet HPDHP2

Now, I know you want to watch the videos and not read my blah blahblah blah blahs, so I’ll get right to it, shall I?

> First up is PopSugarTV’s all-around interviews on the red carpet. Although it might seem like a video about Emma Watson’s freaking-pretty-awesome-possum (I think) dress, Tom does appear at about minute 1:20, subliminally, and 1:25:

> Second is a voyeuristic (don’t we love those) view from Ezriela86, a fan with a camera, focused on Tom Felton as he signs autographs and talks with people across from them on the red carpet:

> This third one is not quite from the red carpet, but it’s a fun one. Remember the other day when we posted a video of Tom Felton delivering pizza? Of course you do… what’s wrong with me. This video is from the lucky eaters who devoured said Tom-Felton-Delivered pizza. You can hear the shout of “Thanks for the pizza, Tom” more clearly, but you can’t quite see Tom Felton, I’m afraid. Either way, thanks to MadeOfSattire for showing us the other side:

> The fourth one has the longest footage of Tom Felton yet. From the LosAngelesTimes, the whole video is their interview with Tom Felton on the red carpet. One thing of interest: If you previously haven’t been able to see how hot it actually was that day (I know I can read the signs, but just in case you’re lucky and can’t), you can almost feel how freaking hot it was. I want a glass of ice water just watching it.

Aaaaaaaannnnn, that’s all for now, folks. BUT, oh… I have to post this picture. We previously posted a picture post, and while all of the pictures are awesome, this one just blows you away with happiness. Makes your cheeks hurt from grinning. Is like a shot of… okay, I’ll stop, but that’s just how awesome it is, and it should be highlighted here. I think, anyway:

[Picture links to gallery]

(PS: The pics with his mother are really great too. Her pride just flows into the camera – Check ’em)


And thanks to all!

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